Celebrating the Best of Jewish Atlanta Recipients

Episode 5 Season 2: Today, we celebrate the achievements of four business owners who have been voted Best of Jewish Atlanta by our listeners and readers.

September 7, 2023, 11:06 am

Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaker Talks About Love and Atlanta

Episode 4 Season 2: Aleeza Ben Shalom, host of the Netflix hit “Jewish Matchmaking", dives into the nitty-gritty of dating and finding love in this decade.

Will the Next Generation Invest in Jewish Culture?

Episode 3 Season 2: Mike Leven, accomplished business executive, sheds light on strategies to uphold our Jewish heritage and provide ongoing support to the state of Israel.

Atlanta’s Connection To Overhauling Israel’s Supreme Court

Episode 2 Season 2: Dr. Guy Lurie, a Research Fellow of the Israeli Democracy Institute, joins Jewish Time to discuss the state of the Supreme Court in Israel.

Your News and Much More in the Making

Episode 1 Season 2: Kaylene Ladinsky, editor and managing publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, gives us some history of a newspaper in its 98th year of publication.

Jewish Time: We’re Back Here’s the Trailer for Season Two

Jewish Time Podcast Trailer - Season Two, Episode 1 Rolls out April 15, 2023.

ASK Kaylene

Special Quarterly Bonus Episodes: Have a question you need answered or a topic that the community should address?

Jewish Time: Impact of Politics and COVID-19 on Us All

What do you do when you're divided with your friends and family over politics?

Jewish Time: 2020 Presidential Election Community Debate

Chuck Berk, of the Republican Jewish Coalition and Michael Rosenzweig, of the Jewish Democratic Council of America debate the presidential candidates they back.

Jewish Time: Zooming into the High Holidays with Nadia Bilchik

Zooming into the High Holidays. Nadia Bilchik shares tips for helping you look and sound your best for your upcoming virtual High Holidays get-togethers.