Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaker Talks About Love and Atlanta
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Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaker Talks About Love and Atlanta

Episode 4 Season 2: Aleeza Ben Shalom, host of the Netflix hit “Jewish Matchmaking", dives into the nitty-gritty of dating and finding love in this decade.

Aleeza Ben Shalom is a matchmaker, dating coach, and the host of the Netflix hit “Jewish Matchmaking.” She explains how her services are unique in matchmaking by providing guidance and mentoring throughout the dating process. Aleeza dives into the nitty-gritty of dating in this decade and gives advice you may be seeking if you are a single man or woman in Atlanta. Hear why her motto is, “date-um until you hate-um.” Don’t miss this engaging and fun-filled conversation today on Jewish Times.

[00:22] Jeff introduces Aleeza, and she discusses the Netflix Show and delves into why dating in this day and age is so difficult.
[03:48] Aleeza finds that moving to Israel has made her business international and describes what happens on her world tour events.
[07:00] Aleeza gives her advice to single Jews living in Atlanta, discusses her business, and the differences between the age groups she sees.
[12:30] Aleeza describes her reaction when the date goes well and why faith-based people are easier for her to connect with.
[15:32] How is Aleeza’s business unique from others?

When people share the same faith, finding someone to love is easier because they hold the same values.
Older daters are looking for people similar to themselves, whereas younger ones are looking for someone different.
Give dating someone a chance before you toss in the towel and move on to the next person.

Aleeza Ben Shalom, the dating coach at the center of Jewish Matchmaking, has her own matchmaking business working across the United States and Israel and specializes in helping to pair up compatible couples in Jewish communities. Her business, Marriage Minded Mentor, offers matchmaking services as well as life coaching, dating advice, online courses, and events. Aleeza’s books Get Real, Get Married and Virtual Dating guide singles through the dating world to find their soulmate. Ben Shalom’s matchmaking work has helped over 200 Jewish couples get married under the chuppah.

I find it an extremely challenging job because we don’t want to be in the position of saying, “I’ll just get a new partner if this doesn’t work out.” It’s not like a job where we can switch every couple of years. Ideally, we’re trying to match people so that they can find the person that they’re going to choose to live with for a lifetime.” – Aleeza Ben Shalom
“One unique thing about our services is that we will not offer straight matchmaking, meaning making introductions only. We will make introductions, but it must be accompanied by coaching and support, another part of the matchmaking process. So for us, it’s a well-rounded process.” Aleeza Ben Shalom

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