Celebrating the Best of Jewish Atlanta Recipients
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Celebrating the Best of Jewish Atlanta Recipients

Episode 5 Season 2: Today, we celebrate the achievements of four business owners who have been voted Best of Jewish Atlanta by our listeners and readers.

We are excited to host the Best of Jewish Atlanta recipients. Today, we celebrate the achievements of four business owners who have excelled in their craft. We will chat with Gayle Rubenstein of Balloons over Atlanta, Cathy Schwartz of Atlanta Fever Entertainment, Sandra Bank of Added Touch Catering and Ramin Djaved representing City Springs. We will delve into the distinctive qualities that set their businesses apart and have garnered favor among the residents of Atlanta. To them, we extend a heartfelt mazel tov.

[0:23] Jeff introduces his guests as we celebrate the Best of Jewish Atlanta.
[1:58] Ramin shares what is different at City Springs since Covid and whether or not there is a difference between preparation for an event between Jewish and non-Jewish events.
[4:44] City Springs has planners on staff, and they work to ensure events follow a detailed plan.
[5:50] Sandra Bank of Added Touch Catering explains the difference between a kosher event and a non-kosher event and how staff is trained for the events.
[9:00] Cathy describes her business model and talks about her DJs and how in tune they are with the clients and that they travel from state to state.
[13:31] Gayle discusses how Balloons over Atlanta has evolved and the unique requests they provide for their clients.
[16:11] Cathy and Gayle explain how influencers have affected their businesses.
[18:10] Jeff asks Ramin how far in advance is necessary for a booking for City Springs services.

Distinguishing between organizing a Jewish event and a non-Jewish event reveals both subtle and significant contrasts.
Influencers undeniably sway the general public, and the masses request what they observe on social media platforms.
You may need to work with several different vendors to procure a large variety of kosher products.

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Gayle Rubenstein, co-owner of Balloons Over Atlanta, is committed to producing
noteworthy and memorable events. Gayle’s background is in design, and she loves to make each client’s vision a reality. She knows that many events are once in a lifetime and satisfies customers while saving them time and money.

Cathy worked for other companies for many years before she and Jeff, along with Mello, co-founded Atlanta Fever Entertainment. Cathy serves as the company’s President and is known for being among the best vendors in the party world. She knows just what it takes to create the perfect party atmosphere and makes every event a big success.

Sandra Bank, President of Added Touch Catering and A Kosher Touch Catering, has been part of the Atlanta catering scene for over 30 years. With inventive food selections and a dedication to perfection, Sandra is known throughout the Atlanta area for her commitment to excellence and true love for the culinary arts.

Ramin Djaved is the General Manager for City Springs and has worked in the event industry for over 15 years. He spent 11 years at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center before joining City Springs in 2018. Since then, he has served as their Director of Food and Beverage, then Interim Executive Director, and now General Manager.

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