Michael A. Morris: A True Visionary and Philanthropist
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Michael A. Morris: A True Visionary and Philanthropist

Episode 6, Season 2: Michael A. Morris, Owner and Publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, reflects on his career as a philanthropist and this year's Atlanta Jewish Life Festival.

Host Jeff Silberblatt sat down with Michael A. Morris, Owner and Publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, to reflect on the resounding success of this year’s Atlanta Jewish Life Festival. Held at the Georgia Aquarium, the 5th annual event brought the vivacity of Jewish culture to this iconic venue, where attendees immersed themselves in celebrating Jewish heritage, art, music, and cuisine against the backdrop of mesmerizing marine life. They also explored other pertinent topics of interest in the Jewish world. From analyzing current trends to addressing pressing issues within the community, their conversation provided valuable insights into the dynamic landscape of Jewish life in Atlanta and beyond. (This episode was recorded on March 27, 2024)


[1:15] Jeff Silberblatt introduces Michael A. Morris, Owner and Publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times.
[1:47] Morris discusses the success of the Atlanta Jewish Life Festival, the impact of the festival on the non-Jewish population in Atlanta, and what he learned from Jews and non-Jews who attended the event.
[5:28] Morris outlines the entertainment and how the festival brings the community together through music, as well as what activities were provided in the Kids Zone.
[6:34] Morris discusses his first few years of owning the Atlanta Jewish Times.
[9:40] Morris shares what he sees for the next 100 years of Jewish news, statistics on the number of Jewish newspapers throughout the US, and that Kaylene Ladinsky will take over when he steps aside.
[12:24] Morris speaks to how he prioritizes his busy schedule and a discussion of the war in Israel (As of March 27, 2024).


  • This year, the Atlanta Jewish Life Festival enlivened the iconic Georgia Aquarium with the rich tapestry of Jewish culture. Attendees immersed themselves in a celebration of Jewish heritage, art, music, and cuisine amidst the captivating marine life backdrop. The festival offered diverse experiences for all ages, from colorful performances to engaging activities for children.
  • 2024 is the 10th anniversary of Morris being owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times.
  • The Atlanta Jewish Times aims to deliver news to the entire Jewish community about various aspects of Jewish life in Atlanta. While individual interests may vary, the coverage of activities, news events, and features unites the community.



Michael A. Morris is a renowned businessman and philanthropist who has owned and published the Atlanta Jewish Times since 2014. Since acquiring the AJT, he has expanded the paper’s commitment to the community by creating the Atlanta Jewish Connector, an online Jewish events calendar and resource guide, and the Atlanta Jewish Life Festival, which celebrated its fifth year of bringing Jewish organizations together.

Morris has built a reputation as someone who can help nonprofits solicit funds. Although he’s served in various leadership roles with Jewish organizations, he finds he’s most effective when concentrating on two or three nonprofit board positions at a time that don’t solicit from the same pool. He advises those considering where to volunteer: “When you join a board, don’t try to do everything. Pick things that can make a difference and focus your energies on that.”

In his personal life, Morris came to Atlanta in 1979, where he attended Pace Academy before receiving his Bachelor of Science from Vanderbilt University in 1985. While at Vanderbilt, he was an active Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity member and even served as chapter president his senior year. Morris has continued his involvement in the fraternity and was a past chairman of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity Foundation. After graduating from Vanderbilt, he spent time on the O.T.C. trading floor of Merrill Lynch but returned to Atlanta after the stock market crash in 1987. From there, he became assistant comptroller for Wolf Camera before earning an MBA from Emory University, where he graduated with honors in 1992.


“The exposure reminds people that we’re not going to be scared because of all the antisemitism and all the violence that’s being perpetrated out there towards, and in the direction of, Jewish people. Let me tell you, to the henna tattoo artists, a Jewish hand looks just the same as a non-Jewish hand. The kids who stood in line to get their hands or faces painted were excited regardless of race or religion.” – Michael A. Morris

“We are producing 24 issues a year, but that’s by design, not because of lack of intent. I brought the paper back the first year to what the community wanted and expected. The Jewish Times needed to bring the community together and tell everyone what was happening outside their purview.”  – Michael A. Morris



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