Atlanta’s Connection To Overhauling Israel’s Supreme Court
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Atlanta’s Connection To Overhauling Israel’s Supreme Court

Episode 2 Season 2: Dr. Guy Lurie, a Research Fellow of the Israeli Democracy Institute, joins Jewish Time to discuss the state of the Supreme Court in Israel.

Dr. Guy Lurie, a Research Fellow of the Democratic Values of Institutions program of the Israeli Democracy Institute, known as the IDI, joins Jeff today to discuss the state of the Supreme Court in Israel. Dr. Guy has an inside track of what is happening in Israel and what the IDI is doing to educate decision-makers to help shape policy. In addition, they will discuss the different factors that have forged the decisions made recently and the unrest in the State of Israel. Don’t miss this enlightening episode of Jewish Time.

[02:01] Dr. Guy explains what his role is at the IDI and how they have tried to draft a constitution that was accepted as both Jewish and democratic and would acknowledge the principles of Israel’s democracy.
[04:50] What influence has the IDI had in Israel?
[06:07] Dr. Guy explores the riots and protests occurring recently in Israel and why there have been problems regarding policy.
[09:14] Dr. Guy discusses the Supreme Court of Israel and the differences between it and the United States Supreme Court.
[12:11] What is the trust factor from the people living in Israel for the Supreme Court, and how is it viewed throughout the world?
[14:34] What was the perception in Israel when the Prime Minister came under indictment, and how weak are the checks and balances?
[17:23] What action is the IDI taking to shape policy, and how has the US viewed the judicial overhaul?
[20:37] How soon could we see the judicial overhaul? Be sure to take advantage of the writings of Dr. Guy available to you on the IDI website.

Recent riots in Israel resulted from the sacking of the Minister of Defense and the issue of enlistment to the military.
The extreme right wing has gained power in Israel and is pushing forward a more extreme legislative agenda.
The US frowns on overhauling the Israeli Supreme Court and has some influence because of the money the US appropriates to Israel.

Dr. Guy Lurie is an attorney and holds a PhD in History from Georgetown University (2013). He is a former coordinator of the Shamgar Commission for the Formulation of Rules of Ethics for Members of the Government, and served as a post-doctoral fellow on the Faculty of Law at the University of Haifa.


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