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Steve Labovitz

Atlanta is chock full of interesting movers and shakers. Lean in to hear some off the cuff remarks about what makes attorney Steve Labovitz tick.

After 37 years with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and now with the AJT, , Jaffe’s focus is lifestyle, art, dining, fashion, and community events with emphasis on Jewish movers and shakers.

Steve Labovitz
Steve Labovitz

Labovitz is a senior partner with Dentons law firm specializing in business at its intersection with government. He has represented businesses with issues at the local and state levels, including working with companies and firms to create public-private partnerships, those whose projects need economic incentives, and working with jurisdictions to create economic development opportunities.

He has also used his background in government to help cities and counties create tax incentives to spur development in blighted areas, including the renovation of stadiums here and countrywide.

Labovitz graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and received his law degree from Emory University. After practicing law for about 20 years in a smaller firm, he became chief of staff for former Mayor Bill Campbell. During the hectic years around the 1996 Summer Olympics, Labovitz was instrumental in the development of the business district in and around Centennial Park.

He has been a longtime executive committee member of the American Jewish Committee and is deeply involved in the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, serving as festival chair in its second through fifth years, and as initial board president when it became an independent organization. Previously he was on the board of Jewish Family & Career Services and the Atlanta Jewish Federation

His friends call him “Labe.”

I’ve been told I look like:

When I had hair, Paul McCartney. Lately more Billy Joel.

Last time I was starstruck …

Meeting Nelson Mandela in 1995.

My most exotic vacay was …

Easter Island.

My worst habit is:

Lacking patience.

I’m reading:

“The Suspect” by Kent Alexander, “Sapiens” by Harari, and the newish John Grisham book “The Guardians.”

Last time I danced …

At my brewery birthday party. I do like to dance.

What advice would you give to a 21-year-old Steve?

Understanding that good health is the most important value.

Most unusual job:

Working at a steel mill in Pittsburgh.

My kids say I am too …


My last fashion disaster…

My wife catches me BEFORE I leave the house.

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