2023 Mother’s Day Tribute: Kay Burney
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2023 Mother’s Day Tribute: Kay Burney

Kyle Burney shares about his relationship with his mother, Kay Burney.

My mom’s unwavering support of anything and everything I have ever done, wanted to do, or attempted to do has played a critical role in allowing me to be who I am today. Whether that support was driving me to an eye crossing number of practices and games, or stepping up to play piano for an equally staggering number of choir concerts and lessons, I have never had to doubt that my mom would do everything she could to encourage my passions. This support has helped guide me through thick and thin, and I will never take that for granted. So, if there is anyone that deserves the best Mother’s Day ever, it is the music making, snickerdoodle baking, dog loving woman who never failed to do what she could to support me, my brother, and my family.

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