A Chanukah Message from American Jewish Committee

A Chanukah Message from American Jewish Committee

Read community insights, advice and perspectives during Chanukah.

American Jewish Committee
American Jewish Committee

2021 continued to be a challenging year. Nonetheless, we are still grateful for the opportunity to serve the Jewish community.

As we light an additional candle each night of the holiday, we count the opportunities to better our world.

At AJC Atlanta, we are thankful for:

ALLIES and PARTNERS in the non-Jewish community who stand in solidarity with us and work to educate their communities about our growing challenges;

The Jewish COMMUNITY which continues to challenge and inspire us;

DIPLOMATS who devote their lives to building bridges across the world;

ELECTED OFFICIALS who work tirelessly to advocate for their constituents, in the face of increasing polarization;

The State of ISRAEL, which continues to be a shining light unto the nations of the world;

Our NEXT GENERATION, who lead from an early age and give us purpose in our work;

PLURALISM, the philosophy that promotes diversity of thought and gives everyone in our society a chance to thrive; and

SUPPORTERS, who enable us to further our work.

American Jewish Committee’s Atlanta office is comprised of Zach Bernath, Julie Katz, Jennifer Pardee and Dov Wilker.

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