A Chanukah Message from Barbara Lincoln

A Chanukah Message from Barbara Lincoln

Read community insights, advice and perspectives during Chanukah.

Barbara Lincoln
Barbara Lincoln

Being able to obtain a vaccination that returns life to more normal times and allows us to travel and to visit family and friends without fear of getting deathly ill.

Ability to travel.

The Braves winning the World Series.

Dogs (and Dawgs this year).

Pickleball courts at the MJCCA.

Terrific coworkers.

Family, friends and community.

Most of all, good health (with that, everything else is possible).

And one more to continue the light for next year: Thankful for a community that cares, and from what I have seen, this community really came through in these last 18 months.

Barbara Lincoln is an attorney at Kitchens Kelley Gaynes PC, a member of the board of directors at Jewish National Fund and on the allocations committee of the Atlanta Jewish Federation.

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