A Chanukah Message from Dov Wilker

A Chanukah Message from Dov Wilker

Read community insights, advice and perspectives during Chanukah.

Dov Wilker is the regional director of AJC.

I have the privilege of receiving emails on nearly a daily basis from people with differing opinions. Sometimes they agree with a position we have taken. Other times they disagree. But there is always passion behind it.

And, regardless of the content, these messages excite me. They demonstrate what makes our community vibrant. That we are willing to use our voice, to share our opinion.

I enjoy these interactions because they enable me to continue learning, which to me is the essence of being Jewish. It is why Jewish history is filled with stories and texts of the rabbis’ conversations.

The search for better understanding is what truly unifies us.

Whether we are learning about the different types of antisemitism, the upcoming U.S. Senate runoff, vaccines for COVID-19 or the potential for Israeli election, we are constantly unified as a Jewish community in our eternal goal of better understanding.

May the Hanukkah holiday provide a strong enough flame that we never cease our commitment to learning.

Dov Wilker is regional director of the American Jewish Committee.

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