A Chanukah Message from Elliot B. Karp

A Chanukah Message from Elliot B. Karp

Read community insights, advice and perspectives during Chanukah.

Elliot B. Karp
Elliot B. Karp

As I celebrate Thanksgiving and Chanukah this year, I gratefully rededicate myself and Hillels of Georgia to:

1. Encouraging our Jewish students to proudly express their passionate commitment to being Jewish.

2. Supporting our hard-working and devoted Hillel professional staff in their sacred work.

3. Guiding our tremendously dedicated Hillel student leaders to become the future leaders of the Jewish people.

4. Engaging and empowering more Jewish students to “do Jewish” on our campuses.

5. Creating and sustaining dynamic and vibrant Jewish life and support for Israel on all our campuses across Georgia.

6. Ensuring that our campus Jewish communities are welcoming, inclusive, diverse and respectful.

7. Providing a safe “home away from home” for our Jewish students and safeguarding them against rising anti-Semitism and anti-Israel prejudice on campus.

8. I am thankful for our Jewish community that supports Hillels of Georgia and our mission; and wish to express our gratitude to our students, parents, alumni, staff and friends who give so generously of their time, talent and resources.

Elliot B. Karp is CEO of Hillels of Georgia, the statewide association serving more than 5,000 Jewish students on more than two dozen campuses across Georgia.

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