A Chanukah Message from Jody Pollack

A Chanukah Message from Jody Pollack

Read community insights, advice and perspectives during Chanukah.

Jody Pollack
Jody Pollack

Light’s candles action!

Chanukah symbolizes the Jews’ historical struggles to overcome adversity, discrimination, oppression and attempts at full-on destruction of our people, places and thoughts. The Festival of Lights presents us with the opportunity to demonstrate to the world that we are still here! We are still here in spite of the attempts of those who desire us to be gone. We are still here and we shall persevere as we continue to shine light unto the world even if the world does not want that light to be shone upon it.

There! That felt good to get off my chest and get your attention. Now, what about how we are going to celebrate the holiday given that Chanukah is so close to Thanksgiving. Are we going to package up the leftovers into shiny gold foil and make believe it is Chanukah gelt to give to the kids? Will we play spin the wishbone and the winner gets the pupik? How about using the turkey schmaltz instead of oil for the flame? Maybe use the turkey neck to light the shamash? And the dried out white meat? Hmmm too dry, even for matzoh, but that’s a different holiday.

So, what am I thankful for this Thanksgivanukah?

1. My girls are in loving relationships.

2. We have family and friends joining us for dinner.

3. We as a family made it through Covid.

4. Being an empty nester, which in itself is a pretty good thing, the kids come by for at least one of the eight evenings.

5. The Kosher BBQ Festival was a huge success.

6. The Braves won and we got to stick it to the commissioner amongst others – gotta love karma. Are we allowed to believe in that? There must be a Jewish equivalent.

7. We all get to make plans for next year which, god willing, will be a safe and healthy year and one for which we truly give thanks.

8. Last but not least, people seem to think my thoughts matter. That is thanks enough.

Jody Polack is executive director of the Atlanta Kosher BBQ Festival and a is proud member of the Hebrew Order of David.

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