A Chanukah Message from Kaylene Ladinsky
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A Chanukah Message from Kaylene Ladinsky

Atlanta Jewish Times' staff shares their community insights, advice and perspectives this year during Chanukah.

In addition to being the AJT’s managing publisher and interim editor, Kaylene Ladinsky is the president of Americans United With Israel.

Kaylene Ladinsky is editor and managing publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times.
Kaylene Ladinsky is editor and managing publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times.

Happy Chanukah, Jewish Atlanta!

I sent out an invite a few weeks ago asking community contacts and leadership to submit a community Chanukah message that includes eight things they are thankful for. The response was amazing, with one of my favorite parts being all the creativity that so many put into the submissions. There were insightful thoughts, bullets, numbers, acronyms and even word art. What an amazing community we have. So, right off the bat, I want to start with one of the eight things that I am most thankful for: all of you, our Jewish Atlanta community.

It’s our readers and advertisers who inspire the entire production of the Atlanta Jewish Times; whether it’s publishing an issue or hosting an event, I do it because I believe in all of you.

I must also give a shout-out to Michael A. Morris, the owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, and my boss. This man works day and night, going to fundraisers, continually raising awareness of important community philanthropy, and making sure that we have the means to offer an enhanced community calendar and Jewish Life Festival.

Our professional family at the AJT is definitely on my top eight things that I am thankful for. We work long hours and must work closely together every day to keep the creativity always moving in a productive direction.

Now, the last five things that I am most thankful for, will be more direct and to the point, and not in any order of importance:

5. Lou Ladinsky, my loving and supportive husband. It is only with you by my side that I am able to accomplish each day.

6. I have kids that are 19 and 22 years old and I am thankful that all of them have maintained their relationships for over a year. I am so thankful that they are able to form lasting bonds with a significant other and be comfortable and happy in their relationship.

7. Yes, it’s about my kids again. I am so thankful I have a son who is on his way to becoming a doctor. I have a stepdaughter with a degree in neuroscience, starting her master’s in epidemiology; and my stepson is close to getting his political science degree, while starting his own business. They are all doing so awesome!

Number 8 is probably the least in importance compared to all seven others: it’s my home. I love my home. It’s our empty-nester home that we just got during the COVID pandemic, but it’s special to me and is definitely our forever home. I know that it will serve our needs, as well as those of our family and even our future family members-to-be.

Thanksgiving is an amazing way to start this Chanukah.

Kaylene Ladinsky is the editor and managing publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times.

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