A.J. Robinson

A.J. Robinson

A.J. Robinson shares his Passover thoughts with you.

There are so many parts of the haggadah and the Passover story that are relevant to a seder while in quarantine. For me, one of the most interesting messages occurs in the Maggid section where we read “Let all who are hungry, come in and eat. Let all who are in need, come and celebrate Pesach.” 

Perhaps one of the greatest lessons from COVID-19 is that one’s basic health depends on the health of everyone, and everyone depends on you. Basically, the virus has connected us in a way that no one could have anticipated. The whole world has been drawn together in the same pandemic battle and everyone’s actions have an effect on the global battlefield. But, as in most calamities that occur (think weather disasters, economic downturns, health maladies, etc.), many of us are able to endure the short and long-term affects much better than others. The effects of COVID-19 will be with us for a while and the effects will be long-lasting. Therefore, in addition to the likely complaining of our quarantine conditions during our sedarim, let us be especially mindful of those who are hungry, sick, and in much greater need than ourselves, as called for in Maggid, and pledge in some way to assist them in the difficult days ahead.

A.J. Robinson is president of Central Atlanta Progress and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District.

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