A Passover Message from Cheryl Dorchinsky

A Passover Message from Cheryl Dorchinsky

For our Passover holiday issue, we invited members of our community to share their responses.

Cheryl Dorchinsky
Cheryl Dorchinsky

Zionism is a civil rights movement. It embodies ideals of freedom, equality, self-determination, and human dignity that resonate deeply with the dreams of our ancestors.

The yearning for home is profound, encapsulated in the timeless phrase, next year in Jerusalem. Each year, we recount our story, cherishing moments with loved ones.

Yet, this year, the cry of “Let My People Go” echoes with heart-wrenching urgency. The hostages, the valiant soldiers, some scarcely older than our own children, and the families shattered by the events of Oct. 7 weigh heavily on our hearts. The stark reality of our enemies is before us, demanding strength, and unity.

This Passover, I implore you to stand with me, to take meaningful action. Make room at your table for those who cannot be home and spread awareness that Hamas must release our people.

Our liberation is not a passive hope but an active pursuit. Despite attempts to silence us, we must follow in the footsteps of those who came before, who fought for the freedom and dignity of all Jewish people. Let us declare “next year in Jerusalem” and strive to embody that journey in body, mind, and spirit.

Chag Pesach Sameach!

Cheryl Dorchinsky is the executive director of Atlanta Israel Coalition, and a social media junky who is just trying to save the world.

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