A Passover Message from David Ostrowsky

A Passover Message from David Ostrowsky

Atlanta Jewish Times staff wishes our community Happy Passover.

David Ostrowsky
David Ostrowsky


As sportswriter for the Atlanta Jewish Times, it probably comes as little surprise to everyone that I so often associate Passover with a new baseball season. Give or take a week or two, Passover Seders nearly always coincide with Opening Day. On a more abstract level, as Passover is considered a time for new beginnings, it seems fitting to draw a parallel to a new baseball season.

And I believe this year’s season takes on special meaning for the Jewish community.

In light of Team Israel’s recent showing in the World Baseball Classic, it’s worth noting that in the history of Major League Baseball, there has likely never been such a strong Jewish presence on the diamond. Nearly half of MLB teams have at least one Jewish player on their active roster (the Braves could potentially have three Jewish players on theirs), while front offices throughout the league include members of the Jewish community. Furthermore, as Team Israel demonstrated in last month’s World Baseball Classic, there are quite a few young Jewish prospects who will surely be making an impact in the majors very soon.

Personally, I feel extremely privileged to be able to chronicle such individuals’ feats over the following months and, hopefully, enlighten our readership about the many notable contributions on behalf of Jewish ballplayers. It is such an honor and delight to be able to share such stories with readers of the Atlanta Jewish Times, particularly given this seminal moment in the history of Jewish professional baseball.

I personally would like to wish each and every one of you a most joyful and healthy Passover with your friends and family and only the best as you enjoy the warmer months ahead.

David Ostrowsky serves as the sportswriter for the Atlanta Jewish Times.

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