A Passover Message from LaVon C. Mercer

A Passover Message from LaVon C. Mercer

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LaVon C. Mercer
LaVon C. Mercer

It is truly an honor to be able to write for Passover this year from a place that has shown the world a challenge. My first thought is that I’m still present among the living to share my Passover thoughts with you. Now just look at us today; people have forgotten that the Torah and Bible are living instruments to use for us to grow!

I feel that challenges have slowed us to a grind to reflect, and for others, to gather to spew hatred! Passover is just what it has always been: a choice to find God or hate his children Black, Brown, Asian or White since life has become a place of color!

As a child I felt trapped in hate because of my color. Today I feel all people are trapped because they only see color! So, to amplify what Passover means for me, is for God to grasp all this hate and remove it from this world!
In closing, blessings to all of YOU and I love you so much, because GOD has commanded that we spread LOVE!

LaVon Mercer, who played basketball while attending the University of Georgia, is a former Maccabi and Hapoel Tel-Aviv basketball player, and first African American Israeli national team member.

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