A Passover Message from Lou Ladinsky

A Passover Message from Lou Ladinsky

Members of the extended Atlanta Jewish community expresses their thoughts about the 2023 Passover holiday, using the prompt, "Unity Creates Community."

Lou Ladinsky
Lou Ladinsky

“In 200 feet turn left and your destination will be on the right.”

Can you imagine if Moses had a GPS to guide his chosen people through the desert? Would it have taken 40 years to reach the Promised Land? We are commanded to eat unleavened bread (matzoh) for the eight days of Pesach. While this can be a struggle for some to endure, it pales in comparison to the suffering of the Jewish people on their exodus from Egypt and slavery.

We often take for granted the modern luxuries we are afforded today to make our lives easier, along with the freedoms we enjoy as Jews living in America. We are hard pressed to make excuses for getting lost today or not being on time. We are blessed with the freedom of choice to pursue all our dreams and goals and to virtually go wherever we want and do whatever we want. G-d has bestowed upon us free will as long as we do right in his eyes and use that free will for the good of society. Looking back at the Israelites’ journey, we are taught we can overcome any obstacles and hardships that life throws in our path.

As you celebrate this Passover with your family and friends, reflect on the Israelites enduring 40 years to reach the Promised Land and put that in perspective with what we have today. Eating matzoh for eight days is a sacrifice I am willing to make on behalf of the struggles our ancestors encountered on their journey to freedom. We are truly fortunate.

Lou Ladinsky is a product manager for LexisNexis and a contributor for the Atlanta Jewish Times.

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