A Passover Message from Mike Wilensky

A Passover Message from Mike Wilensky

Members of the 40 Under 40 winners share their thoughts, inspiration, advice and encouragement as you prepare for the holiday.

Mike Wilensky
Mike Wilensky

Passover commemorates our liberation from slavery in Egypt and the forces of evil and destruction. The meaning of Passover and performing the Seder touches on values and lessons that are relevant today, regardless of one’s faith. I believe that at its core, Passover is a festival of freedom and justice.

This message is as important today as it has ever been. As we come out of the COVID epidemic and with the rise of antisemitism, we must work harder than ever to unify and stand up for the Jewish people as well as justice for all.

My hope is that as we move forward in 2023 (or 5783), may we work harder to come together, no matter political views, and get back to learning about one another. It is time we remember that, even though we all are different, we all have adversity in our lives. We all suffer, but at the same time we all have great freedom and responsibility. We all are trying to get to a better place for us and our families.

Let’s get back to supporting each other, working with each other, and loving each other. I wish you all a chag sameach and a joyous Passover!

Mike Wilensky is Former State Representative of House District 79, Partner of the Law Firm of Michael S. Wilensky, LLC.

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