A Passover Message from Sherry Frank

A Passover Message from Sherry Frank

For our Passover holiday issue, we invited members of our community to share their responses.

Sherry Frank
Sherry Frank

The familiar Passover refrain, “Let my people go,” has special resonance this year as we join Jews around the world in a cry for the hostages: BRING THEM HOME!

When we pose questions at our Seder tables, we will have new ones to ask this year:
• Why did Israel suffer an unprovoked terrorist attack by Hamas, the worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust?
• Why did the world turn a blind eye to the rapes and sexual violence perpetrated against women and girls on October 7?
• Why has antisemitism reached an unimaginable peak, threatening our children and grandchildren on college campuses around the world?
• Why is the news coverage of Israel so filled with misinformation and double standards towards the only democracy in the Middle East?

When we read about the four children at our Seders, we will have new messages for them:

To the “wise child” we will thank them for being a proud and knowledgeable Zionist.

To the “wicked child” we will urge them not to separate themselves from our Jewish community.

To the “simple child” we will guide them in understanding the history and traditions of our people.

To the “child who does not know what to ask” we will tell them about the wonder and resiliency of the Jewish people.

When we dab drops of wine onto our plates and recall the plagues in Egypt, let us call out the plagues of our day: Opioid and fentanyl addiction. Mental health. Domestic violence. Conspiracy theories. Human trafficking. Hunger. Homelessness. Gun violence. War. Attacks on abortion access.

When we end our Seder with the refrain, “Next year in Jerusalem,” let us pray, “Next year for peace and security in Israel.”

Sherry Frank is the immediate past president NCJW Atlanta Section.

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