AJFF to Host Free Community Conversation & Screening
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AJFF to Host Free Community Conversation & Screening

The Nov. 12 event will feature a panel uniting prominent figures from the Israeli film sector to discuss the profound effects of the Oct. 7 attack on both their lives and careers.

The AJFF free Ccmmunity conversation will feature a screening of "The Boy," from director // Photo Credit: Ben Peled
The AJFF free Ccmmunity conversation will feature a screening of "The Boy," from director // Photo Credit: Ben Peled

In an inspiring demonstration of solidarity and community, the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (AJFF) proudly unveils a poignant and free special event titled “In Conversation: Reel Resilience in the Israeli Film Industry.”

This program emerges in the wake of the unsettling events of the Oct. 7 terrorist attack in Israel, underscoring the indomitable spirit that defines the Israeli film sector—a community long linked to AJFF through a shared commitment to advancing universal understanding and cross-cultural connection.

Date: Sunday, November 12, 2023

Time: 2:00 PM

Venue: The Historic Tara Theatre, generously donated by owner Chris Escobar

Description: Pre-recorded panel discussion, followed by screening of “The Boy.”

Featuring a panel uniting prominent figures from the Israeli film sector to discuss the profound effects of the Oct. 7 attack on both their lives and careers, attendees will experience a blend of pre-recorded discourse, live insights from respected local leaders, and the Atlanta premiere of “The Boy,” filmmaker Yahav Winner’s final creation before his life was tragically claimed in the attack.

Complimentary General Admission tickets are available at AJFF.org. Go2Films, the distributor of “The Boy,” is dedicating all licensing proceeds to Yahav Winner’s bereaved family.

The Panel: Israeli Film Industry Luminaries

Hedva Goldschmidt, the founder and Managing Director of Go2Films, spearheads a leading Israeli film distribution company. The Oct. 7 attacks inflicted deep personal losses to her team, which included the murder of fellow collaborator Yahav Winner by Hamas terrorists.

Dr. Noa Regev, a lecturer in film, is the CEO of the Israel Film Fund. Established in 1979, the Fund champions Israeli filmmakers and supports local film productions. It also promotes both the distribution and international sales of Israeli films. Previously, Regev led the Jerusalem Cinematheque.

Gilad Goldschmidt, an acclaimed Israeli documentary filmmaker, is celebrated for his works like “The Family on the Edge” and “Ido,” and received a nomination for the 1998 International Documentary Association’s Student Achievement Award.

Yariv Mozer, an Academy Award-winning Israeli filmmaker, is directing a documentary on the attacks at the Supernova Music Festival in Kibbutz Re’im. It features exclusive material, which includes interviews with witnesses, soldiers, and journalists, as well as unseen footage, to offer an in-depth examination of the horrific events.

Moderator Isaac Zablocki, the director at JCC Manhattan’s film center, is a driving force in Jewish cinema. He founded and curates the Israel Film Center, curates the Other Israel Film Festival, and oversees ReelAbilities, which all foster dialogue and understanding in the realm of Jewish and Israeli narratives.

“The Boy,” Directed by the Late Yahav Winner

This 25-minute film poignantly depicts a family’s courage against the backdrop of conflict. A father and a son navigate rocket attacks and emotional turmoil in a Kibbutz on the edge of conflict.

This powerful narrative which gains deeper emotional resonance with director Yahav Winner’s tragic loss, highlights resilience and love amidst hardship. After repelling an attack on his Kfar Aza home by Hamas, Winner was tragically kidnapped and later killed. The filmmaker’s death has left a profound void among the family and admirers.

About AJFF: 2024 Festival Dates & Venues

Since its inception in 2000, the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (AJFF) has been igniting curiosity, conversation, and cultural exchange. From Feb. 13 to March 7, 2024, the 24th annual AJFF will once again grace Atlanta’s iconic venues: the Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center, the historic Plaza Theatre, GTC Merchants Walk, Springs Cinema & Taphouse, and the recently revitalized Tara Theatre—a project significantly bolstered by the AJFF’s involvement. Renowned as one of the world’s largest Jewish film festivals, AJFF continues to inspire greater social and cultural understanding through a vast showcase of world-class independent cinema from across the globe. The festival maintains its tradition of fostering meaningful cultural dialogue, featuring special guests and thought leaders from around the world, as well as from the vibrant cultural scene of Atlanta itself.

Through this event and its annual festival, AJFF continues to be a beacon of cultural enrichment and support for the local and international film community. For more information, please visit AJFF.org.

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