Allen H. Lipis’ 2022 Passover Message

Allen H. Lipis’ 2022 Passover Message

Allen H. Lipis shares his inspiration and thoughts on this year's Passover holiday with the community.

Allen H. Lipis
Allen H. Lipis

My Pesach Message

As I enter the twilight years of my life, I focus on family, especially at Pesach time. Much of my family is making an effort to share in our simcha, in spite of the various geographical distances and Covid that often prevents us getting together.

I know we all have obligations that seem like high priority items at the moment but look at the big picture. Does money take precedence over family? Do medical issues hold you back from family? Does anything hold you back from celebrating with family?

Give it serious thought and you will come to the conclusion that not only does family matter, but it is the most important matter. Get over whatever is holding you back and get on with life. There is no better time for family to be together than at Pesach.

Allen H. Lipis is a contributor for the Atlanta Jewish Times.

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