Am Yisrael Chai Daffodil Project

Am Yisrael Chai Daffodil Project



coverThe Daffodil Project continues to grow. On Nov. 24, community members planted 20,000 daffodils in Woodruff Park in Downtown Atlanta.

According to AJ Robinson, President of Central Atlanta Progress, who partnered with Am Yisrael Chai to bring The Daffodil Project to Downtown Atlanta, Woodruff Park is the historical center of the city of Atlanta.

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The vision is to plant thousands of daffodils marking the trail from the National Museum of Civil and Human Rights to the King Center.

Am Yisrael Chai is a Holocaust Awareness and Education organization that developed The Daffodil Project, which aspires to build a worldwide Living Holocaust memorial by planting 1.5 million daffodils in memory of the 1.5 million children who perished in the Holocaust.

“It is so fitting to be planting daffodils right beside the beautiful children’s playground in Woodruff Park, where happy laughter speaks to the strength and resilience of the human spirit.”

Daffodils were chosen for this project as they represent the yellow stars that Jews were required to wear during the Holocaust. Yellow is the color of remembrance.

Daffodils also represent our hope for the future. They are resilient and return with a burst of color each spring. The daffodils honor the memory of the children.

The Daffodil Project raises awareness for and supports Holocaust Education, as well as “Kids for Kids” and “Raising South Sudan”, organizations helping children and families in remote villages in Darfur and South Sudan where children continue to suffer.

The ceremony at Woodruff Park honored the memory and the lives of those who perished and highlighted the need to help those suffering in the world today.

Holocaust survivor, Ben Hirsch, born in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany and witness to the events of Kristallnacht, shared poignant and meaningful thoughts and reflections about his experiences. Hirsch came forward to plant the first daffodil bulbs in memory of his younger siblings who did not survive.

When these 20,000 daffodils emerge from the darkness of winter right in the heart of downtown Atlanta, the daffodils standing together will bring hope, light and beauty to the city of Atlanta as we remember the children and remind ourselves to take action where children around the world continue to suffer in humanitarian crises.


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