Annette Harris Felson (July 6, 1912 – July 3, 1981)
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Annette Harris Felson (July 6, 1912 – July 3, 1981)

Martha Jo Katz shares her inspiration and thoughts of her mother in honor of Mother's Day.

Martha Jo Katz and Annette Harris Felson
Martha Jo Katz and Annette Harris Felson

This is the last letter I ever wrote to my mother, Annette Harris Felson July 6, 1912 – July 3, 1981.

She didn’t know it, but it was her Eulogy written in the first person so she could know what she meant to me. She received it the day before I got there to spend the last weeks of life with her and said it was the most beautiful letter anyone had ever written her.

She read it over and over before she died and would hold it close to her heart. I loved my mother more than words can ever express, but I am so very thankful that I had the insight to send this to her. Buried in Fitzgerald, Ga., next to Robert R. Felson.

June 13, 1981,
Dear Mother,

This letter is written with love, filled with loved and shared with love. This is what you are to me.

You have an appreciation for life in its rarest form. The life you chose to live makes all who know you have a sense of gratitude. You were a dedicated daughter, showing respect, admiration and love for your parents, grandma, and granddaddy.

You cherish the relationship you had with Daddy. That dedication and love is apparent to our entire family and also your friends. It is a part of your intrinsic character.

Not only do you believe in family closeness, but you also live it. The sense of fairness you possess is a high priority, as is the love you have for Devara and I and our children. You are a devoted sister, loving dearly Uncle Raymond and his memory. The pride you hold for Uncle Charles is boundless, as is the love and closeness you share with him.

You are an inspiration to all of us. You have endured the hurts of life with such grand dignity, intelligence, and insight. One realizes the epitome of the word “Lady” just by knowing you.

You are a woman of valor. Fortunately for us, our lives have been enriched and enhanced from your wisdom. You have certain philosophies about life and believe in them deeply. Your genuine feelings and concern about family and friends radiate the love you share so graciously and beautifully.

You have friends of all ages and appreciate all the kindnesses they bestow upon you. Your friends hold a special place in your heart. You consistently sacrifice for others, not ever feeling you are doing anything other than loving and caring. Thinking of others first is part of your inner being and far surpasses any thoughts of your own self.

It is truly wonderful to know you have been loved by a mother as Devara and I know we are. You taught us there are no actual endings, only beginnings. Make each day happy is an important lesson you know about life. You have an endless appreciation for other peoples’ qualities no matter what they are and therefore seek out their good. I pray we have learned all this and much more from you.

You are proud of your heritage, and we are proud to inherit. You have indulged us with life’s realities, good and bad, and face each one with acceptances or alternatives, always thankful for all the blessings you have. You have told us many times, “life goes on” and thanks to you, mother, life is a better place to live.

You have always supported me in everything I attempted, and your encouragement and confidence has made my life easier. If I can be a fraction of the person, you are, I will be happy. And if my children and grandchildren love me half the amount I love you, I shall be very fortunate woman.

Your loving daughter,

Martha Jo Katz

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