Atlanta Hearing Associates Listen to Your Needs

Atlanta Hearing Associates Listen to Your Needs



Crashing waves, birds chirping, and the laughter of children — life is filled with beautiful sounds. The enjoyment of everyday life means hearing the world around you and communicating with others…so when was the last time you had your hearing checked?

If you are like most, you take the time to get an annual physical and have your cholesterol, eyes and teeth checked regularly, but what about your hearing?

If it’s time for you to have your hearing checked, it’s best to find an audiologist in your area. An audiologist is a master’s or doctorate level professional who evaluates and treats hearing and related disorders, including tinnitus and dizziness. During a hearing screening or evaluation, the audiologist examines your ears. If wax is present, it may be removed in the office prior to testing. Your hearing is tested with the use of a sound-treated booth. Following the evaluation, your audiologist will discuss your results with you and, if hearing aids are recommended, he/she will present you with appropriate options.

Perhaps even more important than any hearing aid technology is the knowledge and expertise of your audiologist, as well as the relationship you build. Make sure you voice your expectations, as no two patients’ needs are the same. Does he/she listen to your needs and relate them to the technology and fine-tuning that is best for you? Your audiologist should be flexible and should offer different options that will fit into your budget.

If you choose a hearing device, it will take you time to acclimate to your new amplification, so you need to use considerable care after the initial fitting. During the first month of wearing your new hearing aids, you should expect to have two or more appointments. Also factor in an additional appointment at least every six months to clean and check your hearing aids to make sure they are working optimally.

Don’t delay. The first step toward better hearing is a hearing screening. Our licensed audiologists can determine if further testing and/or treatment is necessary. Screenings can also be used to provide a baseline that can be referenced and tested against later.

These are not your grandfather’s hearing aids. The digital revolution has made a huge impact on the way hearing aids look, feel and work. Today’s advanced hearing technology offers maximum performance for minimal effort. They can automatically turn mumbling into clear speech, reduce background noise, and fit comfortably. The newest devices provide a more natural listening experience and are small and inconspicuous, or even invisible. Some have the capability to make and receive phone calls and stream music. You can even use your smartphone to discreetly change the hearing aid’s volume.

Sight connects us with things; hearing connects us with people. Our audiologists are dedicated to keeping you in touch with your family and friends. Give us the opportunity to demonstrate the joys of better hearing. At Atlanta Hearing Associates, we connect you with the people and places you love. Call today for your free hearing screening and ask about 55.

For more information, please visit, or call Atlanta Hearing Associates at (404)500-1026. We have several locations, but specialize in tinnitus evaluations and treatment in our Toco Hills and Dunwoody clinics. Take control of your tinnitus today, and schedule an evaluation.

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