Better Know a Bagel: Brooklyn Bagel Bakery & Deli

Better Know a Bagel: Brooklyn Bagel Bakery & Deli

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Brooklyn Bagel Bakery and Deli is inside the Haynes Bridge Village Shopping Center in Johns Creek.

Perfection in the hunt for Atlanta’s best

By David R. Cohen |

Feeding the bagel craving of Atlanta’s northern suburbanites, the Brooklyn Bagel Bakery and Deli in Johns Creek is one of Atlanta’s most popular places to enjoy a bagel and coffee or a deli sandwich and a Dr. Brown’s cream soda.

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The popular Golden Harbor scrambler platter with a side of Israeli salad

I visited this bagel hot spot at the urging of an AJT reader who said that Brooklyn Bagel bakes fantastic bagels and makes the best pickle he has ever eaten.


Walking up to the Brooklyn Bagel Bakery on a Sunday morning, I found the spacious patio and tight interior of the shop bustling with activity. The popular Newtown Dream Dog Park is across the street, and worn-out dogs rested under the oversized umbrellas outside the bagel shop.

Inside, the eatery feels as if it were taken straight out of New York and dropped into the expansive suburb that is Johns Creek. In true New York fashion, you order your nosh at one end of the counter and pick it up at the other end. No table service here.

Verdict: 5/5 bagels


A bagel bakery is only as good as its bagels, and the Brooklyn Bagel Bakery has some of the best in the business. The doughy, soft bagels are large but not too filling and are lightly seasoned with perfect consistency throughout. These bagels are best served toasted as part of one of the deli’s signature sandwiches. I enjoyed the Uptown bagel with thinly sliced red onion, capers, cream cheese and a heaping portion of freshly sliced lox. Brooklyn Bagel also serves traditional New York-style flat bagels, which also are excellent.

Verdict: 5/5 bagels

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Just like the bagels at Brooklyn Bagel, the schmear here is about as good as it gets. Offered in a variety of house-made options, such as scallion, jalapeno and lox, the cream cheese is light, easily spread and good enough to eat on its own. Specialty egg scrambler platters are also popular; they consist of eggs scrambled with various toppings and served with a bagel and cream cheese on the side. I witnessed quite a few customers order the Golden Harbor (lox, eggs and onion) scrambler.

Bagels_Brooklyn Bagel 3
Brooklyn Bagel’s selection of homemade cream cheese

Verdict: 5/5 bagels


The first perfect score in our Better Know a Bagel series was an easy choice. Brooklyn Bagel Bakery is an authentic deli where you can enjoy a terrific bagel and friendly service in an easygoing, welcoming atmosphere. There was nothing I didn’t like here. I especially recommend this shop for dog owners, who can take their pups across the street to Newtown Dream after enjoying a bagel or two.

Verdict: 5/5 bagels

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