Birth Announcement: Gabrielle Mira Wilkins

Birth Announcement: Gabrielle Mira Wilkins

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Marissa and Brad Wilkins are overjoyed to announce the birth of their daughter, Gabrielle Mira Wilkins, March 26, 2021. “Gabi” is the sister of 2-year-old Jonah Shai Wilkins.

The proud grandparents are Amanda and Al Shams of Sandy Springs and Ilene and Ron Wilkins of Orlando. The great-grandparents are Anita Reiter of Atlanta and Geraldine Kilberg of Orlando. Proud aunts and uncles are Samantha Shams and Brie, Jake, Christine, Ray, Nick, Shawn, Mark and Truman Wilkins.

Gabi is named in memory of her great-grandmother Geralidine (Brad’s maternal bubbe) and her late great-grandfather Milton Kilberg (Brad’s maternal grandmother).

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