Bloom & Glow Demonstrates ‘Self-Love Isn’t Selfish’
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Bloom & Glow Demonstrates ‘Self-Love Isn’t Selfish’

Atlantan Rebecca Green offers customized makeup and skincare recommendations — or Rebeccammendations — tailored to a client’s individual preferences.

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In Nov. 2021, Rebecca Green started her online beauty business, Bloom & Glow, to help busy moms look and feel better about themselves. “Self-care isn’t selfish,” Green affirms.

“You can’t take care of everyone else if you don’t take care of yourself. It’s possible — and essential — to invest in your beauty routine and ‘show up’ for yourself without sacrificing other priorities, getting overwhelmed or breaking the bank.”

Rebecca Green offers individually tailored beauty regimens for busy women.

Bloom and Glow’s logo is a budding flower, reflecting Green’s vision for her brand. “I imagine a woman as a flower,” she explains, “blooming into the most beautiful version of herself through self-care and growing to love who she is now. That’s when she glows. As busy moms, we don’t always feel our most beautiful, have time to put into our appearance, or have the perspective of appreciating all the life we’ve lived that makes us look and feel the way we do, instead of lamenting the way we used to look and feel.”

Green speaks from personal experience. She grew up in Atlanta, and when she and her husband considered where to settle once he completed his orthodontics training, which involved several moves, they settled on Atlanta. The pair arrived here shortly before their second daughter was born, in 2015, and welcomed their third child in 2020.

Green has a background in art and fashion, as well as retail, and years of personal styling helped her refine her knowledge and skills. After becoming immersed in the clean beauty world, she began using her personal shopping savvy to provide customized makeup and skincare recommendations — or “Rebeccammendations,” as she calls them — tailored to a client’s individual preferences.

She spent several years giving informal makeup tips and advice and mentoring women. She offered free content through online demos, attracted a following and eventually knew it was time to launch an e-commerce site.

The Bloom & Glow website questionnaire provides Green with the information she needs to select products each client will love and use with confidence. She asks about a customer’s preferences when it comes to brands, textures, price, color palette and more, and requests photos. Green then hand-picks products from her top brands and packages them into a beautiful pdf that serves as a catalogue of curated recommendations. She also includes exclusive discount codes and tips on how to get the best deals.

In addition, Green offers virtual make-up lessons. “A client and I apply our makeup together, step by step, as I give tips to make sure she is mastering the look on her own,” she explains. “Working on brows is one of my main concerns! Most women skip this step or do brows incorrectly. Properly defined brows make a huge difference in one’s overall look. Another top tip for women over 30: Ditch the full-coverage foundation and let your skin shine through!”

Green seeks the latest and best products for her Bloom & Glow following. “I have quite a collection!” she notes. “I’ve developed a robust and growing repertoire of top brands and products, and I pull from those in my recommendations. I only suggest products that I’ve thoroughly vetted and that I truly love. The impact that mastery of skincare and makeup can have on a woman’s self-worth and confidence is profound, and it’s my honor and joy to guide women on this journey.”

Green with her son, Benjamin.

When asked if she has a message for women who have consuming obligations, Green says, “You are worth the time, energy and cost it takes to feel beautiful. Once you embrace this idea, it’s just a matter of finding the right products for your taste and lifestyle and the right tools and know-how to use them confidently. With my industry knowledge and life experience, I can help.”

In May, Green will host a Moms Night Out at AILLEA, a clean beauty retailer in Sandy Springs, which will be “a fun opportunity to show yourself some love” with a DIY facial, one-on-one shade matching and personalized product recommendations. “Because I conduct most of my business virtually, I’m excited to connect with women in person,” Green says.

Connect with her through Instagram @bloom_andglow for make-up tricks, bite-size tutorials and product demos. Visit the Bloom & Glow website or email her directly at

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