Burgeoning Teen Actor Shines on Stage
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Burgeoning Teen Actor Shines on Stage

Multi-talented Jacob Sherman has made the commitment to act, sing, and dance his way along life’s stages.

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Jacob Sherman played an animated Adolfo in the “Drowsy Chaperone” // Photo by Ron Sherman
Jacob Sherman played an animated Adolfo in the “Drowsy Chaperone” // Photo by Ron Sherman

Fourteen-year-old Jacob Sherman’s resume ends with “extremely creative all around, funny, friendly, works well with others, incredibly motivated, passionate about theatre, does accents, plays the saxophone, makes puppets, paints.”

The body of the resume is packed with impressive roles in the Actor’s Express, Orbit Arts Academy, Lyric Theatre, and, most recently, in the much heralded “Prayer for the French Republic,” where he played the role of Young Pierre, a serious child who had to grow up too soon.

Jacob Sherman began acting at the age of seven at Orbit Arts Academy, an organization run by former Broadway actors and skilled teachers. He initially took classes in improvision with other children his age. That summer, he enrolled in his first summer camp where, after two weeks, the children staged a performance of “Alice in Wonderland,” where Sherman played the doorknob. He was hooked.

Scott Sherman, Jacob’s father and an attorney, said, “Orbit has changed his life and our family’s life. As shown in his resume, he has been cast in an extensive number of shows both at Orbit as well as professionally. Professional performances have included shows locally as well as in New York.”

Jacob Sherman, 14, aims to fulfill his goal of appearing on Broadway.

At 14, Jacob Sherman attends Capstone Academy in a concentrated, three-day-per-week school that allows him to train at Orbit with flexibility so he can accept professional theater roles that have intense schedules. He takes an extensive number of classes, including acting, role development, dance, strength training, and more. He is also a part of Orbit’s Senior Company, which requires substantial commitment weekly to training and performance. Jacob has extensive training in singing and dancing in addition to acting.

Jacob Sherman’s dream is to perform on Broadway, no matter the role.

Scott Sherman said, “He knows it’s a very tough and challenging aspiration; but he is dedicated to his craft and excited to spend the time and energy to meet his goal.”

Jacob, who does not have an agent, trains daily, and spends more than 20 hours per week either training or in rehearsals.

Poster for “A Prayer for the French Republic,” where Jacob Sherman recently performed as Young Pierre // Photos by Casey Gardner Ford

Some of his previous roles were in “The Addams Family,” “Matilda,” “The Prom,” “The Little Mermaid,” “The Drowsy Chaperone,” “Winnie the Pooh,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Cinderella.”

In terms of his personal favorite shows, he counts “Beetlejuice” on Broadway and “Anastasia” at the Fox. Recently, he saw Ben Platt on Broadway in “Parade” and truly enjoyed the show.

Jacob Sherman works hard on his own to memorize his lines and, occasionally, asks his parents to run lines with him as he works to “get off book” and crafts how he will approach a particular role.

The rising stage presence describes his love for acting as, “It allows me to express myself on stage and tell stories to the audience.” His teachers, and former Broadway actors like Tony Galde and Brad Bass, performed together for years in “Wicked” on Broadway, and are inspirations to him.

Outside of acting, Jacob is well-rounded. He trains in piano and alto saxophone. He has a passion for art, drawing and sketching, and making Broadway-styled puppets, like Audrey II from “Little Shop of Horrors.”

Talent runs in the family.  Both of Jacob’s brothers have passion for theater, training and performing at Orbit – acting, singing, and dancing. His younger brother, Aiden (12), also plays the guitar. His brother, Ari (10), plays the piano. Dad, Scott, trained at Indiana University in music, focused on alto saxophone and has performed professionally. Mom, Donna, is a professional artist in numerous mediums, including watercolor and sculpture. Jacob’s maternal grandfather was a famous musician in Israel who sang and played the guitar and piano. Jacob’s paternal grandfather, Ron Sherman, was featured in the Atlanta Jewish Times (April 2023) when he sold his iconic photo collection to Emory University.

Jacob Sherman was bar mitzvahed at Temple Sinai in 2021.

Scott Sherman, proud father, concluded, “This is all him. We definitely work not to be stage parents. This is his passion and his drive.”

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