Chanukah Art Contest Winners 2023

Chanukah Art Contest Winners 2023

The AJT showcases all the entries for the 2023 Chanukah Art Contest.

Thank you to all who entered this year’s Chanukah art contest. Our Grand Prize winner, Katie Vogin, is 12-years-old. We had two age groups: adult (14 +) and children (13 and under), with first second and third place winners in each age group. Jasmine Shammay won first place in the adult category, and 5-year-old Lena Halpern won first place in the child category.

Winners will receive gift cards from our contest sponsor, Binders Art Supplies and Frames.



Katie Vogin
Parent: Jill Vogin
Age: 12
Hanukkah lights


Michael Blaiss
Age: 70
Standing with Israel at Chanukah


First Place

Jasmine Shammay
Age: Adult
Original Painting

Second Place

Sharon Weiss
Age: 74

Third Place

Muriel Linsky
Age: 88
Miracles 5784

** Child WINNERS **

First Place

Lena Halpern
Parent: Rachael Halpern
Age: 5
The Chanukah Special

Second Place

Emma Levin
Parents: Alix and Andrew Levin
Age: 9
Chagall Chanukiah

Third Place

Arden Halpern
Parent: Alli Halpern
Age: 8
“My Hanukkah Happy Place”

All Submissions

Ada Sapir
Age: 63
Be the Shamash
Akiva & Zahava Fields
Parent: Josh Fields
Ages: 6 and 4
The Fire of Chanukah
Akiva Zinn
Parents: Cory Isaacson and Avi Zinn
Age: 5
Shining Candles
Ari Weiss
Parent: Laura Weiss
Age: 8
Hanukkah at Home
Bella Ebrams
Parents: Tzeryl and Eli Ebrams
Age: 12
Bina Zinn
Parents: Cory Isaacson and Avi Zinn
Age: 8
Colorful Hanukkah Happiness
Chana Antopolsky
Parents: Esther and Dovid Antopolsky
Age: 9
Bringing More Light to Every Corner of the World!
Charlotte Ludwig
Parents: Nannette Herlands and Wes Ludwig
Age: 10
The Hanukkah Hero
Chloe Isakow
Parents: Deborah and Julian Isakow
age: 13
Chanukah Lights
Coby Ebrams
Parents: Tzeryl and Eli Ebrams
Age: 10
a Saga Chanukah
Daniel Weinstein
Parents: Doug Weinstein and Sheryl Chen
Age: 8
Light Up Israel
Daniela Freund
Age: 38
Love, Light and Peace
Declan-Haven “Dex” Rabin
Parent: Danya Maloon
Age: 9
“The Grinch Who Stole Hannukah”
Dvir Geller
Parent: Shoshana Geller
Age: 8
Chanukah train
Dylan Levy
Parents: Michelle & Rich Levy
Age: 8
The Unique Chanukkiah
Ella Trompeter
Parent: Pamela Trompeter
Age: 12
Chanukah Oh Chanukah
Hadley Bier
Parents: Sara and Justin Bier
Age: 7
Warm and Cool Chanukiah
Isla Epstein
Parent: Laura Epstein
Age: 6
Colors Of Judaism
Jenna Epstein
Parent: Sara Epstein
Age: 12
Chanukiah in the Window
Jillyan Fages
Parent: Susie Fages
Age: 12
The Tradition Table
Judah Ebrams
Parents: Tzeryl and Eli Ebrams
Age: 7
A New Chanukah
Judah Ellman
Parents: Elisa & Gavin Ellman
Age: 4.5
Neon Chanukah
Julia Cohen
Parent: Tanya Cohen
Age: 9
Light Up for Hanukkah
Keren Baranes
Parents: Andy and Marisol Baranes
Age: 11
Spreading light for Israel
Kira Ellman
Parents: Elisa & Gavin Ellman
Age: 5
The light of Chanukah
Leah Zinn
Age: 10
Chanukah Vibes
Lia Flusberg
Parents: Keren Fisher & Ben Flusberg
Age: 9
Chanukah Rainbow Pencils
Lizzy Harris
Parent: Renee Harris
Age: 12
Golden Chanukah
Max Katz
Parent: Micah Katz
Age: 8
Eight Lights: Eight Reasons to Thank Hashem
Maya Dagmi
Parent: Rachel Dagmi
Age: 11
Israel united
Maya Silver
Parent: Melissa Silver
Age: 6
Chanukkah Lights for Israel
Melissa Freund
Parent: Ari Freund
Age: 6
Rainbow Menorah
Mia Zohar
Parent: Gabrielle Zohar
Age: 10
My Traditions
Micah Draluck
Parent: Abby Draluck
Age: 7
My Hanukkah Table
Micah Katz
Age: 70
Miriam Yonatan
Parent: Jessica Katz
Age: 5
Dreidel with Friends
Nathan Dinesman
Parent: Inon Dinesman
Age: 6
The storm of Chanukah lights by Nathan Dinesman
Nathan Kats
Parents: Christina Saurel-Kats and Mark Kats
Age: 7
Spinning Dreidel
Peri Morris
Parent: Kira Morris
Age: 9
Shadow Star
Sarina Ellman
Parents: Elisa and Gavin Ellman
Age: 7
All about Chanukah!
Sheri Rosenblum
Age: 67
Hanukkah ~ Ancient Times to Present
Sheyn Katz
Parent: Micah Katz
Age: 6
If My Favorite Animals Came For Chanukah
Sreeram Atthi
Parent: Neelima Pottigari
Age: 10
The Spiritual Light
Tamar Dagmi
Parent: Rachel Dagmi
Age: 6
Happy hannukah
Yarden Livnat
Parent: Bobbi Livnat
Age: 10
Donuts sizzling
Yonah Guttman
Parent: Joshua Guttman
Age: 10
Happy Hanukah!
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