Crib Maker Donates to Atlanta Non-Profit

Crib Maker Donates to Atlanta Non-Profit

Delta Children president Joe Shamie and son David (center and right) help deliver cribs at Caring For Others, Inc.
Delta Children president Joe Shamie and son David (center and right) help deliver cribs at Caring For Others, Inc.


Delta Children, a 45-year-old family business, has donated new cribs to Caring For Others, Inc., an Atlanta non-profit. The donation, valued at $60,000, is part of the former’s “Safe Sleep Campaign,” an educational initiative aimed at providing $1 million worth of cribs to families in need nationwide.

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Delta Children was started by the Shamie family – members of the New York Jewish community – more than four decades ago with the idea that every family should be able to afford a safe crib for their baby. Today, the company provides more cribs than any other brand worldwide.

“This is an ongoing effort and commitment on our part to educate parents nationwide on the importance of safe sleeping conditions for their children,” said Joseph Shamie, president of Delta Children. “As a father myself, I don’t sleep at night unless I know babies are safe in our cribs.”

Caring For Others, a human services organization that aids economically disadvantaged individuals and families, distributed the cribs to pre-registered families. The donation was made possible via the help of K.I.D.S, a non-profit organization that connects companies and children in need.

K.I.D.S. supports Delta’s initiatives and is the brand’s partner on this journey.

“We at K.I.D.S. are very excited to partner with Delta Children to combine new product donations with education and advocacy to reduce the incidence of SIDS in the United States,” said president Chris Blake.

Shamie stressed the importance of a safe crib at a recent “safe sleep” demonstration. He offered tips with the help of yet another partnering group, First Candle, a leading national non-profit dedicated to infant health and survival.

“Ensuring that every parent and caregiver is aware of how to protect their baby during sleep has the potential to literally save thousands of precious lives for generations to come,” said Kelly Mariotti, First Candle’s CEO.

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