Delta’s Tip Top Drink Service
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Delta’s Tip Top Drink Service

Atlanta’s hometown airline has expanded its beverage menu with drinks from a local company with Jewish connections.

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Tip Top’s margarita
Tip Top’s margarita

Just in time for the resumption of large-scale air travel, Delta Air Lines now offers passengers two of the canned cocktails produced by Tip Top Proper Cocktails, the venture of two members of Atlanta’s Jewish community.

In mid-April, Delta began serving Tip Top’s take on the Old-fashioned (Bourbon whiskey, cane sugar and orange bitters) and the margarita (tequila, lime juice and orange liqueur) on domestic and some short-haul international flights. The 3.4-ounce drinks are free to passengers in first-class, business, and Comfort class, and sell for $12 a can in the main cabin.

Tip Top’s Old-fashioned

Tip Top was founded two years ago by Neal Cohen and Yoni Reisman. The pair, now in their late 30s, have been friends since their days at Greenfield Hebrew Academy, and both have experience working in the concert and music industries.

Yoni Reisman, founder of Tip Top Proper Cocktails.

“We identified Delta as an ideal customer at an early stage of Tip Top’s development and have been in touch with members of their team since before we ever packaged a single canned cocktail in September 2019,” Cohen said.

He and Reisman have turned their enjoyment of a good cocktail into a thriving enterprise. “We produced more product in the month of March than we produced in the prior combined 18 months that Tip Top has been available,” Cohen said.

Neal Cohen, founder of Tip Top Proper Cocktails.

Tip Top’s cocktail formulas were created by Miles Macquarrie, co-owner and beverage director of Watchman’s seafood and spirits and Kimball House, and a seven-time finalist for the James Beard Award for Outstanding Bar Program.

Tip Top debuted in 2019 with a “stirred” line: the Old-Fashioned, Manhattan and Negroni. In late March, the company aided its “shaken” line: margarita, daiquiri and Bee’s Knees.

Tip Top’s products are available in stores in six states — Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Colorado, and New York —and through online sales in 46 states. The company’s website is

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