Dorfmans Unveil New Investing Model
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Dorfmans Unveil New Investing Model

Community leader Jori Mendel joins Roots as partner and Chief Growth and Community Development Officer.

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Daniel Dorfman, Larry Dorfman, and Jori Mendel, of Roots
Daniel Dorfman, Larry Dorfman, and Jori Mendel, of Roots

Father-son team and Roots co-founders Larry and Daniel Dorfman rolled out a new concept to democratize investing that aims to revolutionize the real estate world by allowing residents to become partners, not just tenants.

Roots buys single family properties, fixes them up, manages them, and finds renters; they then offer residents the opportunity to build wealth and credit through their innovative “Live In It Like You Own It” program.

CEO Daniel Dorfman stated, “We are creating win-win ecosystems that delivered a 16 percent internal rate of return for all in 2023. At Roots, we believe it’s critical to create opportunities for personal financial growth while renting if we are going to narrow the wealth gap and help people create a more secure financial future.

The majority of Roots’ residents have never owned real estate or participated in the market before moving into our properties.”

CEO and co-founder Daniel Dorfman aims to democratize investing.

Currently employing 18 people, Roots is looking to expand nationally over the next few years.

Larry Dorfman stated, “We are set up to be a long-term consistent investment that gives investors the opportunity to participate in the appreciation of the fund and to generate passive income through quarterly dividends. Roots funds are not weighed down by heavy fees and high minimums.”

There is a $5 fee to get in, no fee to cash out after the first year, and a $100 minimum investment. As of Jan. 1, 2024, Roots’ net asset value was listed as $25,989,910.

Larry Dorfman

Daniel Dorfman explains the details: “Roots’ investors can be accredited and non-accredited investors. We have investors who find us online and invest on average $1,000-plus and those with whom we work who invest $300,000 to $1 million. Roots is a beautiful opportunity for those starting on their investment journey … begin with an investment as low as $100. For those more sophisticated, investors can further diversify their portfolio, build wealth for the next generations and concurrently ‘do good.'”

To add excitement and an elevated skill set to the roll out, the Dorfmans hired community leader Jori Mendel as partner and chief growth and community development officer. Mendel is a veteran foundation executive with an extensive, Atlanta-based philanthropic network. She works to grow the company’s relationships with community partners and individual investors who are aligned with Roots’ mission. Previously, Mendel served as the chief foundation officer of the Atlanta Jewish Foundation, where she oversaw a record-high $500 million in charitable assets under management and as vice president of innovation at the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta.

Jori Mendel will serve as partner and chief growth and community development officer.

Mendel also had various entrepreneurial roles with AT&T. She served in communal leadership roles as a board member of In The City Camps, advisory committee of the Jewish Fertility Foundation, board member of a local family foundation, and member of the Atlanta Civic Collab, hosted by The Arthur M. Blank Foundation, Atlanta History Center, and National Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Regarding her role, Daniel Dorfman said, “Jori has developed an impressive track record through her diverse career in business and philanthropy, especially when it comes to stewarding key stakeholders and structuring complex investments that maximize growth. We welcome her ability to successfully lead collaborations around communal priorities and all that she will bring to help realize our vision of helping more renting families build wealth.”

Roots also has presence in the local Jewish community as sponsors of JCREN and the Federation’s Jewish commercial real estate network. Larry Dorfman uses his donor-advised fund at the Atlanta Jewish Foundation to grow his philanthropic giving.

Larry Dorfman summarized, “With over $25 million invested in the fund, from over 3,500 investors, 88 single family homes, serving 153 doors throughout Greater Atlanta and almost half a million dollars of wealth built for residents, Roots is commercially motivated and community minded, converging economics and community to generate a profound synergy that will foster more impact for everyone engaged.”

Daniel Dorfman added, “Roots believes that wealth transcends mere finances by encompassing knowledge, community, and access to opportunities and is converging economics and community to deliver on this.”

Larry and Daniel Dorfman work harmoniously together. Larry brings passion and energy while Daniel supplies the calm.

Daniel said, “We argue passionately, but are able to always come to a conclusion without letting it leak into Sunday dinner.”

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