Dragon Con 2014

Dragon Con 2014

FANTASY, FASHION, PHYSICS, and PHILANTHROPY! Stormtroopers at the Dragon Con Parade

As most comic book characters and companies were originally created by Jews, (e.g. Stanley Martin Lieber, Stan Lee, Jacob Kurtzberg, Jack Kirby, Robert Kahn, Bob Kane, Joel Simon, etc.,). Some superheroes are outwardly Jewish, (e.g. Holocaust survivor Magneto and Kitty Pride,) and some have Jewish names and characteristics: (e.g. Superman Kal-El, Hebrew for “Voice of G-d”). Many of the most famous scientists and T.V./Film executives and producers are Jewish. The AJT continued its coverage this year of the annual Dragon Con event. This year was bigger and better. More than 62,000 people attended the four and one-half day conference this Labor Day weekend.  All of the major downtown hotels were packed with seminars, shows, meet & greets, celebrities and vendors.

It has been said before, the greatest aspect of Dragon Con is the people; not the sometimes “freakish” or “geekish” costumes, but the actual people.  They were all eager to pose for pictures, very courteous, loved to strike up conversations, and were by and large very well read and intelligent, many of whom had advanced degrees in physics, chemistry, history and literature.  Even after drinking began in the evenings, the crowds were never violent or obnoxious.

Another Jewish reason why people should take note of Dragon Con is the charitable work done during the conference. Approximately 6,000 units of blood were donated at the event. According to LifeSouth Community Blood Centers, Dragon Con is always the number one event for them in blood donations. Also, Dragon Con raised well in excess of $100,000 (and still counting as of the writing of this story) for this year’s charity, Atlanta Community Food Bank.

By Cliff Weiss 

Photo credit: Gabriel Weiss

Photos from Dragon Con 2014!

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