Epstein’s Sasson Wins National Award

Epstein’s Sasson Wins National Award


The Epstein School announces that middle school teacher Debbie Sasson has been named a first-place winner in the third-annual PBS LearningMedia and Henry Ford Foundation Teacher Innovator Award.

Debbie Sasson
Debbie Sasson

This prestigious honor is awarded to a distinguished group of pre-K through 12th-grade educators from across the country who are using digital media in new and unique ways to improve students’ learning across key subject areas.

While 30 teachers are recognized overall, it is an extraordinary achievement to have been selected as a first-place winner for this award.

“I appreciate this recognition, and I am grateful that as a result I will now have the opportunity to participate in a week-long ‘Innovation Immersion Experience’ at The Henry Ford in Michigan this summer,” Sasson said. “I am also excited that through the student’s projects, Israel’s innovative character – which was at the core of the winning entry – will receive attention too.”

For the project that was submitted for award review, Epstein students used technology in a variety of ways to explore the unique and revolutionary contributions that Israel has made to society in every field from agriculture to technology, medicine, arts, science, environment, fashion and more.

To begin, the class examined one of Israel’s more well-known innovations, drip irrigation. Using the PBS LearningMedia video “Water Conservation,” Epstein students studied Israel’s ability to recycle (or “launder”) water. This video inspired the students to examine other areas of innovation that have emerged as a result of Israel’s scarcity of resources.

The project culminated in an “Israel Innovations Expo” where students showcased their projects. The Innovation Immersion Experience in which Sasson will take part begins July 27.

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