Eti S. Lazarian’s Chanukah Message for 2023

Eti S. Lazarian’s Chanukah Message for 2023

For our annual Chanukah issue, we asked members of our community to share their responses.

Eti S. Lazarian
Eti S. Lazarian

We all know the old story, the Hebrew word Chanukah means “dedication,” and this holiday commemorates the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

We see so many little miracles in the shadow of terror this holiday. As the holiday of light approaches and we reflect on this passing year, we can’t help but feel vulnerable and hurt. It’s easy as people of the Jewish faith to think of these horrors and keep dwelling in misery and sorrow. However, if the horrific event of October 7th taught us anything, it is that the Jewish people are as strong as ever. How we came together as a community, support each other, and how we lift each other up should not be taken for granted.

When the horror events happened, it was my daughter’s 14th birthday. She was afraid to go to school, and even leave the house. She thought the terrorists would come to us at any point and attack us at our home. As the mother, I was devastated but had to keep my ground to assure her that she is safe. I was considering every word that I was saying to my family and even friends; however, the only thing I could think about was that is Isael is at war.

They have been trying to kill us since we left Egypt. This is not a new story, as the story repeats itself again and again and again. Every few years, some terror organization lifts its head to create incredible damage to our beloved Israel and the Jewish community, but somehow, the Jewish people always prevail.

This is the story I told my daughter. This is a story I’m telling myself, and this is what I see from our community. Whether we are in Israel, U.S., or Australia, we were at our lowest point in over 75 years, but yet, how strong we truly are. The heroic stories we hear from Israel are mind-blowing and will be told in years to come. We see little miracles in everything we do these days, just like the Maccabim back then we have incredible heroes around us!

Each one of us is a small light, but together we are invincible. Hag Sameach. Am Israel Hai!

Eti Lazarian is a managing partner at Insignia LLC, an activist in the Jewish Community-encourage philanthropic activity among children.

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