Even Kangaroos Like This Engineer
Such a Catch

Even Kangaroos Like This Engineer

Gabe Enslein, 29 is the first to be profiled in our new monthly feature highlighting Jewish Atlanta’s eligible singles.

Rachel Fayne

Rachel is a reporter/contributor for the AJT and graduated from the University of Central Florida in Orlando. After post graduate work at Columbia University, she teaches writing at Georgia State and hosts/produces cable programming. She can currently be seen on Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters.

Gabe Enslein, 29, is a software engineer, but you also can find him working as an improv actor at shows around the city.

In his short five years in Atlanta, Gabe has become a regular at The Temple’s monthly young adult service, The Well, and he attends other Jewish-affiliated events around the metro area.

Gabe Enslein, 29 is a software engineer.

We think Gabe is Such a Catch, so let him tell you a little about himself.

1. What are you looking for in a partner?

I’m looking for someone who is supportive and respectful of my life and goals and has an equal amount of motivation to pursue theirs. I think it’s important to remember we are both people with our own interests and goals so that a healthy balance exists in a relationship. It’s my opinion that you shouldn’t have to change who you are to be in a relationship.

2. What do you think or have been told are your best qualities?

I’ve been told that I’m very silly and that most animals (kangaroos included) warm up to me unusually well, so that always wins brownie points.

3. How do you spend your spare time?

I spend my spare time learning, practicing or adventuring whenever I can. If it’s traveling, practicing drums, software magic or self-help books, I’m always learning.

4. What is your guilty pleasure?

Chipmunk techno music. It’s mind-numbing and hysterical at the same time.

5. What are some things that are most important in your life?

My passion for fine arts keeps me grounded and finding ways to stay sane in a world seemingly more crazed by the day. Acting onstage, playing music or attending events will always have a place in my life. My family is very spread out, so travel is an integral part of my life and will always remain important to me. My friends are part of my family, near or far; they’ve been there when I’ve needed help, needed my spirit lifted or just to let me know things are OK.

This is the first of what we hope will be a monthly feature highlighting some of Jewish Atlanta’s eligible singles. If you’re interested in this Catch or want to be featured as a Catch yourself, email editor@atljewishtimes.com.

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