Fabric Family Shows Why Beauty Begins at Home
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Fabric Family Shows Why Beauty Begins at Home

Bobbi Sheron, and son, Sam, run one of Atlanta’s most popular show rooms.

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This sofa, from Lee Industries, is accented with a vibrant woven stripe.
This sofa, from Lee Industries, is accented with a vibrant woven stripe.

Designers and homeowners know that fabric, in all shades, textures, and patterns, can uplift any home like a magic wand with endless possibilities for drapery, upholstery, floor to ceiling, door to door. The multigenerational Sheron family has continued to update Lewis & Sheron Textiles’ showroom, employ dozens, and maintain family ties for running the business.

It all started in 1944 when great-grandfather Harry Lewis, the “Mayor of Pryor Street,” started selling fabrics and blankets during wartime when most couldn’t get access to materials. Many sewed their own clothes, so there was a real need for fabrics which, in those days, sold for 5 and 10 cents per yard, respectively.

Now fourth-generation Sam Sheron, chief officer, spends the day running operations, cutting, and shipping fabrics and caring for clients. His mom, Bobbi, creative director, works on new product development, purchasing collections and merchandising.

Customers like to walk the rows and rows of fabric for inspiration.

According to Sam, “Family business has its challenges, but, after 79 years, we have figured out how to come together and make it happen.” Sam’s father, Larry, is an important link. As mass production clothing stores came about, he saw that the fabric industry was heading toward home products and away from apparel. In 1986, Larry and Bobbi decided to close all the small stores and open one singular location with a focus on fine fabrics for the home.

Lewis & Sheron sells the finest home fabrics, artisan-crafted, American upholstered furniture (the sofas, chair and beds), Belgian linen fabrics, bedding, pillows and throws, gorgeous trimmings, and heirloom quality, hand-knotted rugs. Their workroom features expert re-upholstery services and lush, almost endless, choices for draperies. On-site, they have more than 30,000 yards available for immediate gratification in thousands of different choices, in every possible color and texture. They search the globe for the finest textiles and showcase items from far reaching regions of the world.

Due to the effects of COVID on the “stay at home and cocoon” phenomenon, consumers traveled less and opted for investing in the house and garden.

Sam says, “People have certainly been spending more time at home than they have for decades, so they are seeing their home in a whole new way. Celebrity designer Vern Yip calls it ‘vacation at home,’ and we are big believers in that. Yip says, ‘your home should care for you,’ and we feel that way like never before. So, yes, people have been looking around and realizing their homes need more love and consideration. The home has become a place of refuge. The result is more appreciation for the high-quality products and services we offer.”

Beautiful fabrics in amazing colors and textures.

Lewis & Sheron carries a large selection of Belgian linens from mills which have been weaving for more than a century. They have a colorful assortment of velvet and mohairs, which have been very trendy over the last few years.

An expansive, and relatively new, category is performance fabrics. Sam elaborated, “People are really loving the durability and cleanability of these textiles; and they are a lot nicer than in the past with soft textures and beautiful weaves. We carry so many gorgeous textures, but also try and bring in those eclectic specialty items you can’t find anywhere else. Designers and homeowners can have a grand time perusing the collections.”

Looking at trends for 2023, Sam forecasts that color is making a comeback and goes way beyond more than just natural colors in both furniture and windows. They also sell big textures, such as boucles and chenilles, which make for a cozy home, yet modern and sophisticated.

Lewis & Sheron established itself as a staple for designers in the 1980s and cite that more homeowners are now taking on their own small design projects.

Sam stated, “People can come in to get inspired, and we are happy to offer advice. It can seem intimidating and overwhelming with all the choices, but our team is well-versed in making the process easy and stressless.”

The design center is full of helpful resources to build unique sofas and chairs.

For one stop shopping, not just fabric, Lewis & Sheron has been building a custom upholstery division with a variety of frames, in showroom, available off the floor or customized to the clients’ specifications, from luxurious fabrics to the cushions and stitching details, made to suit needs.

Sam concluded, “Everything we show is proudly made in the USA and we have more fabric choices than anyone, anywhere, in one place to create that one-of-a-kind piece of your dreams. We feature the top brands: Wesley Hall, Lee Industries, Ambella Home and are excited to launch our newest and most special collection from Verellen.”

Lewis & Sheron Textiles is located at 1017 Collier Road. 404-351-4833.

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