Famed Dentist Breezes to 90

Famed Dentist Breezes to 90

Ron Goldstein ushered in nine decades of a life well lived at his party at The Estate.

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Dr. Ronald Goldstein and Judy, the “happy wife” // Photos by Kimberly Evans
Dr. Ronald Goldstein and Judy, the “happy wife” // Photos by Kimberly Evans

Known worldwide as the father of aesthetic dentistry, Dr. Ronald Goldstein celebrated his 90th birthday at The Estate on Nov. 4, and showed that he is a father to much more: a successful family and holding the key to the fountain of youth.

Around 135 friends, patients, Goldstein, Garber & Salama dental staff, and family gathered to experience Dr. Ron’s favorite foods, power cake and white, gold, and purple ballooned décor. Music was by one of America’s leading jazz pianists, Joe Alterman and his trio.

Dr. Ron’s entire family celebrated his 90th birthday and retirement from 66 years of dental practice.

Son, Dr. Ken Goldstein, endodontist, told the AJT, “I sincerely believe that dad is proud of raising three dentists and a physician. For a bit, he suggested that I look into a law degree … he would say ‘we need an attorney in the family,’ but never pushed that thought.”

Goldstein wanted no formal program or speeches, and beamed, “After giving 735 presentations on cosmetic dentistry worldwide, I thought I had spoken enough! And I didn’t want to interrupt the great music and conversation. No speeches or toasts … just a fun party with great food.”

Local glitterati came out to tribute Ron: Alex Taylor, Greer Taylor, Ron, Rutherford Seydel, Laura Seydel.

In terms of gifts, Goldstein laughed that patient Bobby Ezor gave him a pair of leather gloves to protect his hands in recognition of many years of those hands taking care of his smile.

Goldstein with Joe Alterman, whose trio entertained. Judy and Ron chose the dinner music and the last hour Joe played Ron’s favorites.

A busy Goldstein still sees patients two afternoons weekly but will retire on Dec. 31. He will continue his artistic hobby and said, “Two years ago, I produced 30 paintings as a holiday present so that each one of our staff members could choose one, with the requirement that they had to take a photo with their chosen painting so I could better visualize their personality.”

Goldstein credits his good health to Resveratrol, Tai Chi, his Japanese/Chinese/Mediterranean diet (most of the time), and especially, “happy wife, happy life with a great family that I love very much.”

Goldstein stays current on contemporary culture, reading Nelson DeMille’s, “The Maze,” and streaming, “Lessons in Chemistry.” His favorite comedians are Sebastian Maniscalco, Nate Bargatze, Tom Segura, and Judy Gold.

The bottom line to live to 120 per Dr. Ron, “Pray pray pray, exercise and limit your ice cream, chocolate cake and donuts!”

Dr. Ron Goldstein with his custom-made birthday cake depicting his family and his activities. He still maintains his ideal “college weight.”

That night, each guest left with a box of Krispy Kreme donuts. Surrounded by party admirers, Ron opted for Legendary Event’s menu of his favs: sushi, sashimi, pasta, mushroom risotto, beef tenderloin, and double fudge chocolate cake and ice cream bar.

Son, Ken, recalled, “Dad taught the four of us the finer things in life … nice restaurants, cruises, first class flights, and staying in finest hotels … that was definitely a perk being a Ronald Goldstein kid, but remembering this wouldn’t be possible with out the hard work ethic.”

Cary Goldstein noted, “It was great growing up in a house with four kids and at least four animals! My dad and grandfather worked a lot and showed us their love for family, art, dentistry, and travel. Combining art and dentistry is what shaped my career. Now I’m a lot like my dad! Hope to look that good at 90!”

Cathy Goldstein Schwartz said, “Dad has always had a love of photography, and I remember as a kid (and the only girl) having to pose for him. He would tell me how to stand and wanted me to be natural. I was the lucky one because my brothers had to carry his camera equipment, and it was heavy back then! Dad would take us to the office on weekends when we were young, and we would act out a dental scene as he was filming. So, he started us thinking ‘dentistry’! Every summer was a different job at the office.”

Boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts were for guests to enjoy on the way home, as a thank you for celebrating.

Goldstein’s Guideposts to Healthy Living

• A great sense of humor
• Dieting when necessary
• Exercise: stretching and walking 8,000 steps on the treadmill while watching TV programs Judy eschews
• No smoking
• Nighly glass of wine – red or Sauvignon Blanc
• Keeping busy: practicing dentistry, writing articles, books, mentoring and lecturing
• Picking the right woman to marry
• Goldstein’s other comments about longevity: “I have a weakness for sweets … Nevertheless, I lost weight until l reached my college weight of 160 pounds. I do some yoga. I help my Doberman exercise by playing ball. I had a personal trainer, after a year of exercising correctly and videotaping, I’m on my own.”

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