Fashionable Fundraiser Supports Israel Bonds

Fashionable Fundraiser Supports Israel Bonds

“Shop for a Cause” luncheon on May 7 raised $300,000 to support the organization’s efforts.

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Jackie Miron poses with Ilene Grant, Joni Barocas, and Yael Edelist who flew in from New York City// Photo Credit: Bruce Miron
Jackie Miron poses with Ilene Grant, Joni Barocas, and Yael Edelist who flew in from New York City// Photo Credit: Bruce Miron

Atlanta Israel Bonds hosted a lady’s event, “Shop for a Cause” fashion luncheon, on May 7 at the Sandy Springs home of Ilene Grant, who served as event co-chair along with Sandy Bailey, Joni Barocas, Jody Kassel, and Susan Grossman. An Israeli style falafel, fruit skewers, salmon, and dessert lunch were prepared by Sampson Hector of Tropics Catering. Beautiful, mirrored boats of roses lined the tables.

Helen Jacoby, who along with her husband, Phil, co-chair of Atlanta Israel Bonds Advisory Council, welcomed the group with enthusiasm about a renewed women’s arm of Israel Bonds locally with several events to come. She said, “This is certainly the first fashion event in many years.”

Betsy Rush and Beverly Brandman enjoyed on site shopping with Alembika designs.

Israel Bonds registered representative Helen Jacoby gave an energetic charge about the power of sisterhood and community to change the world along with “sharing clothes and food.”

Based on her experience selling municipal bonds in New York, Miron related that the majority of the stocks and bonds in the U.S. are actually owned by women. She stated, “Oftentimes back then, husbands were buying in their wife’s names, and the women were uninformed. I believe that women are actually smarter consumers, more careful, asking questions, knowing what’s on sale — even if at the grocery store. We can take control!”

She shared that buying Israeli bonds was not a donation vs. an investment.
Israel Bonds Executive Director, Brad Young, injected that a whopping $3 billion in bonds had been raised since the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas, and the State of Georgia purchased $25 million.

Miron said, “With this current crisis, every dime helps and goes directly to the Minister of Finance in Israel. That equates to financing war efforts, businesses who are suffering to displaced Israelis living in hotels.”

Miron pointed out that a five-year Mazel Tov bond pays 6.27 percent if purchased online. More applications for bonds include buying for IRA, giving as a gift for mitzvahs which connects a child to Israel, or donating the bonds to a charity like the Jewish National Fund, which itself buys bonds.

Helene Jacoby set the stage for the program.

She said, “These rates are terrific compared to banks, and it’s inevitable that interest rates are going to drop, but these are locked in [when you buy]. Until you buy, rates are adjusted every 15 days. Also, Christians and churches are buying bonds!”

She explained that because of antisemitism some entities, like corporations, are holding back their financial support. A somewhat outside-the-box idea is to donate a bond to a university like Columbia, which has experienced an overwhelming wave of anti-Israel protest culture, so that they would have something from Israel in their portfolio.

Local boutique owner Joni Barocas, of Best Dressed, who carries Alembika fashions in her Roswell store, arranged for the guest speaker and fashion display, and introduced Yael Edelist, president of Alembika USA, who flew in from New York City for the event.

Barocas noted that the Alembika brand was “comfy, chic and machine washable.”
Sabra Edelist explained how now more than ever Jews are taking care of each other; and Israelis have come to recognize the importance of America. She said, “Israelis are waking up with this overwhelming support.”

She stated that she herself was pro-Palestinian, flushing out that although the fabrics are purchased in Turkey and Europe, their sewing is done in the West Bank. She said, “The Palestinians who sew for us are very cooperative, we bring them baklava and humus. We hug, we are conflicted and worried. I do not have the answer for peace.”

The “Shop for a Cause” luncheon raised $300,000 to support Israel Bonds // Photo Credit: Bruce Miron

There are 16 Alembika stores in Israel that are suffering because of the war. She elaborated, “It’s amazing we [Alembika] still exist. I send all my profits to Israel.”
She noted that Alembika was founded by two Israeli women who met serving in the IDF.

Before the program, women mingled and related their connections to Israel — some were on the Bonds board, others’ husbands were past chairmen of Israel Bonds locally, some had cousins in Israel, some had relatives working on a kibbutz, others had children serving as lone soldiers.

Mindy Zisholtz noted that she has been buying Israel Bonds for the past 40 years and is motivated to help build Israel’s infrastructure and other projects all while getting competitive interest rates.

Miron cheered on the group by reporting that $300,000 had been raised in the past 30 minutes at the event. Susan Grossman closed the program.

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