Father’s Day Tribute: Alan O. Feingold
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Father’s Day Tribute: Alan O. Feingold

Alon O. Feingold shares why he feels he is the best dad in town.

Alan O. Feingold – Atlanta, GA

My children will not be subitting my name as the coolest dad in town. NOBODY has EVER accussed me of being cool. I didn’t buy them a new car – they drove my 10 year old Oldsmobile when I got a newer used Buick for myself. I didn’t send them to Europe for the summer or let them go the FLA on spring break. We went on family vacations to visit my parents in FLA. They worked summer during vacations and I didn’t give them a car while in college. My clothes are all sedate, my stories from HS and college are about my courses. They tell me my jokes are “Dad” jokes. But we have a close family and all 3 got graduate degrees, are successful and seem to be raising their children just like I raised them, but without the Dad jokes.

Alan O. Feingold

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