Father’s Day Tribute: Ed Gaffin
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Father’s Day Tribute: Ed Gaffin

Katie Gaffin shares why her dad, Ed Gaffin, is the best dad in town.

Janet Gaffin, Katie Gaffin and Ed Gaffin
Janet Gaffin, Katie Gaffin and Ed Gaffin

Ed Gaffin – Orlando, FL

My dad doesn’t talk much. Even when I was little, most of my early memories of him don’t involve conversation, but rather something called “Dad-ication.”

“Dad-ication” means doing things for your family that show you care without actually talking about it, i.e. the hallmark of a southern dad. The term was created when my dad was grilling in a rainstorm and my sister said, “Now that’s what I call dad-ication.”

This example, while very indicative of Florida living, is also what my dad does for us all the time. He showed me how to catch lightning bugs and drive on the highway. He’s the reason I know so much about Austin Powers and how to properly eat New York style pizza, neither of which is typical for an 8-year-old Floridian to know. He still doesn’t say much, but he’s also never missed a game, a performance, or any chance to support me and my siblings. And if I do say so myself, that’s what I call “dad-ication.”

Katie Gaffin

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