Father’s Day Tribute: Kevin Burney
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Father’s Day Tribute: Kevin Burney

Kyle Burney shares why his dad, Kevin Burney, is the best dad in town.

Kevin Burney
Kevin Burney

Kevin Burney Pewee Valley, KY

I will always be grateful for the lessons my dad has taught and continues to teach me. That honesty and earnestness is always to the best way forward. To stay true to your word, even when it’s hard. That it’s ok to be a goof sometimes. How to tell a good story.

Growing up I never had to doubt that my dad would be there for me, no matter how big or small the commitment. Those of us who are blessed with parents that never fail to show up often fail to recognize how much this means as children. As we grow, though, we see how foundational that support is to who we have become and who we hope to be. We see how the little moments, the little lessons, turn into crucial parts of who we are.

Even now that I am grown and living hours away, I am still learning new lessons from my dad. I continue to be blessed with his love and support. I wouldn’t have been able to grow into who I am today if it wasn’t for every game he sat though, every sarcastic joke he’s shared, and every bit of love that he continues to give me and my family.

Kyle Burney

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