Galex Launches Children’s Book ‘Turtle Rocks’

Galex Launches Children’s Book ‘Turtle Rocks’

The story focuses on a group of turtles who must work together to overcome a series of obstacles.

Sasha Heller is the Web Editor and Copy Editor for the Atlanta Jewish Times

Author Audrey Galex has published her first children’s book, “Turtle Rocks.”
Author Audrey Galex has published her first children’s book, “Turtle Rocks.”

Author Audrey Galex has published her first children’s book, “Turtle Rocks,” an inspiring, beautifully illustrated book with a heartfelt message about the importance of perspective, curiosity, friendship, and teamwork.

Galex explained that “on the surface, ‘Turtle Rocks’ is a story about turtles that confront what appear to be rocks on their journey to join their friends sunning themselves on a log on a pond. Beneath the surface, the story is about attitudes, character traits, and actions that help them reach their goal, including perseverance, grit, teamwork, resilience, and more.”

Galex said the story had been percolating inside her for decades, but she didn’t have the time until recently to actually sit down and write the book.

“It was something I figured I’d get around to someday, but someday just wasn’t happening,” Galex said. “When my parents … reached their 80s and fell ill, as family and friends started experiencing health setbacks, and as I edged toward my 65th birthday, I thought, there is no more waiting – the time to do this is now.”

“Turtle Rocks” is a story about perseverance, leadership, resilience, teamwork, motivation, and authenticity.

In her interview, Galex offered a series of lessons embedded in the story, including:
* Don’t give up in pursuit of a dream just because there are obstacles.
* Curiosity and evaluating a situation from different perspectives can help you confront and overcome difficulties.
* Finding a team to support you can make a difference in achieving your goal.
* The stories of those who came before us can inspire us to greatness or challenge us to shift our circumstances.
* And don’t follow the crowd if your heart pulls you in a different direction.

Galex says, “There are many layers to ‘Turtle Rocks’ — from teamwork and motivation to being authentic and true to yourself — whatever you are looking for in this story is what it will mean to you.”

When asked by the AJT why she chose turtles, Galex said, “Who doesn’t like turtles? They’re fascinating animals! They’re both prehistoric looking and beautiful with their different shell patterns and colors.” She added that for cultures across the world, turtles symbolize healing, wisdom, good luck, longevity, stability, and other positive traits.

Illustrated by Colleen Finn, “Turtle Rocks” is a timeless tale that children of all ages can enjoy.

Galex reported that she’s been delighted with the response to her book, especially from children.

“A six-year-old actually repeated a line to me about the turtle who finds courage,” she said.

And last year, on World Turtle Day, Galex spoke via Zoom with a third-grade class in her hometown of Rock Island, Ill.

“I was amazed at the insightful questions the kids asked, and how they told me they had a favorite turtle,” she said.

Maybe it’s time to find your favorite turtle, too.

“Turtle Rocks” is available on Amazon at

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