‘Hanukkah’ by Sheri Rosenblum

‘Hanukkah’ by Sheri Rosenblum

Sheri Rosenblum shares the majesty and essence of Chanukah in her poem.

It is an eight day Jewish celebration,
Commemorating The Second Temple Rededication.
This fun holiday begins on the 25th of Kislev, with the downing of the sun.
Kindled hanukkiahs and colorful swirling dreidels,
Are integral symbols of our Light Festival.

It dates back to 200BC when King Antiochus outlawed the Jewish religion.
A revolt ensued and desecration of the Second Temple occurred, in the Jerusalem region.
The Greek Army was vast. Judah Maccabee and men miraculously ousted those heathens!

The second victory was for the Israel spirit,
No more Greek paganism. The Jewish faith in God is implicit.
The Second Temple must be rebuilt!
The 7 branched, gold menorah must be relit!

The rebuilding of The Second Temple included the lighting of the menorah.
Enhancing the Temple with light, is a preformed mitzvah.
Their one day supply of holy oil was a dilemma,
The emerged eight day miracle is the crux of Hanukkah!

“Hanukkah! Oh Hanukkah! Come light the menorah…”
The mitzvah of Hanukkah is to light the menorah and display its lights,
Thus publicizing our ancient miracle that lasted eight days and nights.

The early hanukkiahs were made of stone and clay,
The one vesseled, oil menorah was placed outside the front doorway.
Candles were introduced in 18th Century Europe,
They were cleaner and inexpensive. The 8 holders and shamas, the Germans developed.

It is filled with jelly or topped with apple sauce and sour cream,
But, it is the oil that ranks supreme!
Fried sufganiyot and latkes are traditional foods for Hanukkah,
To symbolize the miraculous Maccabean oil menorah.

“I had a little dreidel ~ I made it out of clay…”
“A great miracle happened here!”
“A great miracle happened there!”
Hebrew letters of shin, hei, nun and gimel,
A great significance for our little dreidel!

Put in, take half, none or all, depending what the dreidel “dealt”.
Bills, coins or chocolate, we all love Hanukkah gelt!

In Hanukkah around the world, our beautifully unique menorahs shine so brilliantly!
To symbolize both miracles; the physical and spiritual victories.
Through out the ages, in times that are darkest and gloomy,
Our Jewish light is never quenched! Our inner spiritual strength endures so emphatically!

Chag Urim Sameach!
Happy Hanukkah

Lovingly Composed By
Sheri Rosenblum
December 2, 2018

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