Jody Pollack’s Chanukah Message for 2023

Jody Pollack’s Chanukah Message for 2023

For our annual Chanukah issue, we asked members of our community to share their responses.

Jody Pollack
Jody Pollack

Chanukah oh Chanukah, light my menorah. Let my candles glow so that I may light the fuse on my present to our terrorist neighbors to the west. Let my present light up their sky and send them off to a better place far-far away from us.

Not exactly a pleasant message but one that is appropriate in this time and age. We are once again, in a battle of light and dark. Unfortunately, the dim bulbs of the media, educational idiocrasy and its dupes are all but lemmings following the pied pipers of antisemitism over the moral cliff. This is where we cross the fine line between ignorance and stupidity because far too many have lost the capacity to learn and their hollow heads have become echo chambers for violent rhymes that they do not understand.

For those that do understand and propagate the tropes, we must shine our lights upon them and remove their plausible deniability as they out themselves as antisemites. The blatant antisemites that have risen from the cracks in the earth will get their due because this time we will not shrink into the shadows and wait for it to pass. While I do not condone overt retribution, I do 100% support karma.

What goes around comes around and they will be faced with a reality they are unprepared for when they read the fine print and find out that they are one of the societal groups on the “you’re next” list.

Our history is full of examples where we are the first to be terrorized but never the last. We Jews are always the test bed for experiments in horror. They try it on us to see how the world reacts and then due to gross indifference, they proceed to the next group/country/continent.

Today Jews of the world are standing together to bring light to the world and shine it upon the evil that some still do not believe is as evil as it is. Like the Maccabees we will prevail. Unlike the Maccabees we will ensure that these foes do not come back.

Chag Sameach.

Jody Pollack is the executive director of the Atlanta Kosher BBQ Festival and the creative force behind PollWood Creations.

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