Letter to the Editor: Boers for Israel
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Letter to the Editor: Boers for Israel

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Letter to the editor,

Boers of South Africa Stand with Israel

Boers for Israel condemns the case brought by South Africa to the International Court of Justice accusing the state of Israel of genocide.

We recognize that Israel’s current military action is as a result of the heinous attack on Israel that occurred on October 7, 2023. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families affected by this tragic event. As an organization representing the Afrikaans people of South Africa, we express unwavering support for the State of Israel and its ongoing efforts to combat terrorism.

Israel has long faced the threat of terrorism, and we stand firmly behind its right to defend itself against those who seek to harm innocent civilians. Boers for Israel recognizes the complexities of the region and supports Israel’s efforts to maintain its security and safeguard the well-being of its citizens.

In this spirit of solidarity, we affirm our opposition to the establishment of a Palestinian state. We believe in the right of Israel to exist within secure and recognized borders, and we reject any initiatives that may compromise its sovereignty and security.

Boers for Israel also emphasizes the dangers posed by extremist groups such as Hamas, who are a Jihadi movement on the same level as ISIS. We denounce the use of civilians as human shields by such groups, a reprehensible tactic that endangers innocent lives and undermines efforts to achieve lasting peace in the region.

Furthermore, we express concern over the network of tunnels beneath Gaza, which has been exploited by terrorist organizations for illicit activities. The construction and use of these tunnels contribute to instability in the region and pose a direct threat to the safety and security of both Israeli and Palestinian populations.

Boers for Israel calls for international support in recognizing and addressing the challenges faced by Israel in its pursuit of peace and security. Israel is a model for those worldwide who support the idea of ethnocrats. Together, we stand united against terrorism and advocate for a just and lasting resolution to the complex issues in the Middle East. We are ashamed, as South Africans, that our own government is putting its support behind terrorism and against the righteous and just State of Israel.

We have been, for many years, attempting to bring the attention of the world to an actual genocide going on, the white genocide going on in South Africa. We therefore feel it is hypocritical for South Africa to speak about genocide when its government is involved in committing a genocide of their own, by failing to stop violent attacks against white South Africans.

Boers for Israel: Chairperson: Willem Petzer, Treasurer: Johan Taljaard, PR: Tollie Maritz, Director: Dan Otto, Security: Jakes Steenkamp, Head of Entertainment: Piet Oelofse, Head of Fundraising: Kobus Rabe

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