Letter to the Editor: Georgia General Assembly
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Letter to the Editor: Georgia General Assembly

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Georgia General Assembly
State Capitol Atlanta, Georgia 30334
May 13, 2024

Dear Secretary Raffensperger,

Small businesses and those they employ are the backbone of our state’s economy and the pillars of our communities. They voluntarily sponsor the local teams and clubs and support the adult literacy initiatives, shelters, churches and countless other civic pursuits. They generate millions in local revenue through income, property, occupancy and inventory taxes paid.

The current tough economy presents enough barriers on these critical businesses’ ability to keep their doors open – we will not allow licensing to be another onerous impediment that increases undue burden.

Through countless constituent cries for help we have identified difficulties obtaining and renewing licenses, certifications and other services statutorily mandated and regulated by the Georgia Secretary of State’s Professional Licensing Boards Division (the Division). Website issues hinder the ability to load test results required for certifications and licenses and the application process to obtain and renew licenses. The Division is dismissive at best, literally failing to respond, leaving untold phone calls, emails and messages unanswered. When they do respond it is merely to say they are working on it.

The Division’s abstention of accountability effectively places unnecessary hurdles that are prohibiting new businesses from opening and shuttering existing businesses. Therefore, we are determined to step in and resolve these frustrating inefficiencies they are causing our invaluable workforce that is already stretched too thin.

As presiding officers of the General Assembly, we are leading this effort by appointing a joint Blue-Ribbon Committee to investigate licensing issues within the Division. This committee is charged with soliciting input from the customers the Division is meant to serve, probing the Secretary and staff on the underlying causes leading to these difficulties, and any other fact finding necessary for the development of potential solutions and recommendations. We are requesting they complete their incredibly important work with a conclusive report to be presented no later than December 31, 2024.

From the House:
Chairman Hatchett, co-chair
Leader Efstration
Chairman Wiedower
Chairman Prince

From the Senate:
Chairman Tillery, co-chair
Leader Gooch
Chairman Walker
Senator Mallow

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