Letter to the Editor: Harry Stern
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Letter to the Editor: Harry Stern

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On Nov. 3, we may witness the morphing of voter suppression into voter oppression. Aggressive, loudmouthed bands of white supremacists propose to be “poll watchers,” intent upon intimidating the elderly, immigrants and people of color from voting. This is an open letter to Arthur Blank and Steve Koonin to encourage football and basketball pros to take Nov. 3 off, and go to vulnerable polls to “Watch the Watchers.” I can think of few more important tasks that would ensure voters’ rights than having offensive or defensive linemen, or basketball’s power forwards, stand guard outside polls. Hard to imagine intimidating mountains of muscle safeguarding a sacred constitutional right Players, owners and CEOs would be performing a great national public service. So many of these “white supremacists” are of the president’s mold: “Speak loud but carry a small stick.” Having the watchers of the watchers there would ensure that.

Harry Stern, Marietta

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