Letter to the Editor: Jacob & Sheila Sofsky
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Letter to the Editor: Jacob & Sheila Sofsky

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The coming election is a choice between leadership that believes America to be good, and an ascendant progressive wing that sees America as fatally flawed.

The Democratic Party has been taken over by a radical progressive wing that favors socialism, open borders, abortions up to birth, and gun confiscation. They are hostile to the Enlightenment values and principles that underlie our increasingly fragile American Experiment. Their goals will further shred the social fabric by elevating group rights over individual rights, thereby denigrating and diminishing the traditional meritocracy that has so well served our fellow Jews.

Progressives have rewritten the definition of racism from personal prejudice to any statistical differences between favored groups, whatever the underlying cause. They have rewritten the definition of justice from equal opportunity to governmentally imposed equality of results. They have elevated the pseudoscience of implicit bias to religious canon, thereby wrongfully accusing and wrongly staining many, many of our fellow Americans with the taint of racism. Those that dissent and criticize are not engaged but canceled.

Whatever you may think of the character and foibles of our flawed president, he is the best choice to protect against an increasingly illiberal opposition.

Jacob & Sheila Sofsky, Atlanta

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